Happy St. Patrick’s Day Y’all!  While the rest of the world can suck down some Guinness, I’m over here trying out Twinings Darjeeling.

From the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is one of my favorite teas. Normally I have loose leaf but when I saw our local market was stocking Twinings now, I decided to try it out. It is such a nice, delicate tea with a pureness that only a First Flush has. And I must say I enjoyed it.

I’m not really that into celebrating this day except for the cabbage. And I’m not cooking that stuff in my kitchen. The smell would send the poor boyfriend running out the door. But being the lovely guy he is, he will take me out to get some at Murphy’s.

This is where I got caught up. Yesterday as I was writing this I got a better offer from said boyfriend who showed up with Murder on the Orient Express and Bladerunner 2049 so after an appropriate time for thank you’s, we snuggled on the sofa and watched movies all night and talked brackets. My team is still in and his is not.  The Orient Express movie I loved. It was funny as heck. The other one I have no idea what was going on and it was dark the entire movie and I still don’t know what it was about.

As for the rubber band reminder, I had to take it off. I broke out in a rash. And I’m pretty sure I know why. Coming back from the city the other day we were at the light by the Governor’s Mansion. It was windy AF! And right by the light was a woman bent over with nothing but her hot pink thong showing. I’m gonna guess the wind whipped her pants off. Or maybe she had recently lost a lot of weight and was off to find new pants. Either way her butt cheeks were on display for the entire neighborhood. If that had been me, I would have slunk behind the nearest shrub. Not her, she owned it and with her head held high she kept walking. I salute you girl! Definitely a Samantha on the Sex and the City card!

So today I am up early because there is no wind. That means Brunch and Golf. With a book of course.

Hope you have a relaxing Sunday! How is everyone’s weather? Are we all on the same season yet?

xx Patricia   Happy as a cat with a saucer of cream!


Time To Go Make Memories For Monday!

It’s Friday! That week went by fast. It is bright and sunny this morning. I have a feeling we are going to skip Spring and go straight to summer. One of those really hot ones. All of this weather wisdom is based on me waking up and not feeling like having a heavy tea. So a nice Meyer Lemon from Stash Teas was up and it was just what I needed.

Yesterday we had a ton of stuff to do. All of them meant going downtown. Government offices. I had waited too late to wash my hair so I just left it damp and we headed out. The wind was blowing folks to Kansas and blowing those pesky Texans up here! I swear I saw a woman with an umbrella blow by! My hair was dry in like 3 minutes.

Before we left we had a conversation.

Me: Are you sure you have all of the documents we need?

Him: Yes. I have everything

Narrator: He did not have everything.

Labor Board Employee: Um, your driver’s license expired on your birthday last month.

So she printed us out a map of the nearest Tag Agency and off we went. New license in hand it was back to the Labor Board where the kindest, fastest people work.

Next up was hopping on Route 66 and heading west. They have redone the Flamingo Motel and it was adorable. I didn’t get a picture. Too much traffic.  There was so much traffic my anxiety was on the edge of turning into a full-blown panic attack and then we turned the corner and *poof* much less traffic. For those of you here in OKC area, we were at Wiley Post. A private air strip. So quiet out there. We looked at a lot of houses and then stopped to get a drink and found ourselves in the middle of a Thunder Fan Event. Rumble the Bison and the Thunder cheerleaders and lots of people.

I’m posting this next picture for my friend Cynthia. This is how you grow chicks! Although usually you can find someone online who will practically give you a few hens. Make sure they aren’t too old or bad layers.


xxoo Patricia    “He loved happiness like I love tea.” Eudora Welty

Has Anyone Seen Spring?

Good Morning! I haven’t even had a chance to make tea this morning. It’s been busy.

The kids are packed up and headed to Dallas to spend time with Grandpa Bob. They will be back in a few days. Yesterday our activity was going on a nature walk and finding signs of Spring. Besides the wind gusting, it was nice and warm out. Corbin found the first dandelion and made his wish. Charli Ava found trees full of tiny buds and white flowers. They stunk like feet she said.

Corbin gave us a running commentary of the state of the world and how people are throwing trash out and ruining it. After much begging we ended up at the cemetery. It is huge and has been in our family forever and Corbin and I love to go there. So off we went to the cemetary. It is really a great place to go. It’s huge and a lot of older folks walk the paths and some sit and visit. We clean up the graves for the babies and soldiers whose resting places aren’t kept up. Maybe due to distance and time. And Corbin was highly offended by people who haven’t picked up their Christmas decorations yet.

When their Dad called and asked where we were I told him in the cemetery. So he came and got us. I think we probably walked a few miles. But we brought home pecans, odd stones, and feathers and had a lot of fun. Charli Ava had to go home but Corbin slept over so we grabbed the picnic basket and headed to the park. By bath time he was out.

Today is another busy day. Heading to the Labor Board and out to the country. Then putting the final coat of chalkboard paint on an old coffee table for the kids. If I’m feeling brave maybe a trip to the grocers.

xx Hope you are all having a nice day and now I’m going to go fix myself some tea!

Finally We All Meet Harry Potter


Good Morning! It’s really early for me to be awake. Or up, let’s say. This morning I am pretty much living on Irish Breakfast Tea by Taylor’s. This time change and Spring Break?  So extra!

Yesterday we painted an old coffee table with chalkboard paint for the kids. Great idea! Then we watched Harry Potter for the first time. They have never heard of Harry Potter. Tommy had made wands for them and we already had a Hogwarts scarf and robes/vampire capes. I had never seen the movies either. I read the books, but I’m not a good movie watcher unless I can bring a book. But they loved it and we spent the afternoon working spells and turning ourselves into chocolate frogs. They really aren’t interested in seeing anymore. So I guess it’s just the first one for us.

Then Thor Ragnarök came on and I sighed, “Oh there’s my boyfriend!” to which the five-year old said,” Did you break up with Loki?”. “Nah, sometimes I like one and sometimes I like the other one.” 

Since it was a rare windless day we all went out and played a little baseball. We use a tennis ball, well because I don’t want any broken faces. The kids are loving those little tea bag holder fisherman. Yesterday I looked at Corbins and he had all 4 in his cup. They were fishing.

When I look at these two little miracles my heart just expands. It’s still such a miracle. And that’s what they think everything is. An odd rock, a feather, a fairy shoe….everything is magical and new through their eyes. And I had a thought, what if just for 24 hours we looked at everyone and everything as a tiny miracle. How would that change us?

Today is going to be a quiet day because I need it to be. Corbin is sleeping over tonight and Charli isn’t happy about that. Next week she will sleep over. Then Thursday they are off to Dallas to their Grandpa Bob’s house. My ex. In Texas. Yep. He is having hip replacement and besides his grown children he also has a 5 and 7-year-old. Gotta love Karma!  But I’ve told them to be good helpers and kind to their aunt/uncle…whatever.

I still have my rubber band on my wrist so I’m not saying anything about that subject except it is funny. So we are off to walk the neighborhood and document any signs of Spring or dead bugs or roadkill. The boy is as morbid as I am.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Stay warm and safe up north! Share some tea and some love with someone who needs it today!

xx Patricia   Just don’t be a butthead (Corbin,5)



Good Early Morning! Spring Break began yesterday for OKC schools. Two weeks off and then the teachers are more than likely going to strike. I had to have a huge mug of Tazo Awake Breakfast Tea this morning. Needed a little extra kick after yesterday.

We all had lunch and set out to the movies. I love going in the middle of the day on a week day. Just retired folks there.  Tommy and Corbin wanted to see Black Panther and Charli Ava and I wanted to see A Wrinkle in Time. They started at the same time so it was a good idea. With treats in hand we went our separate ways.

After 30 minutes of previews the movie came on. Only it wasn’t the movie we paid for. Lucky for us the older couple there were watching for the second time and they knew it wasn’t right. The manager came in and said the only copy they had available had Spanish captions but English-speaking. That’s fine I said, my television has been stuck on captions for months and I have no idea how to fix it. So then we had some more previews but the guy brought more snacks and more free passes.

I learned that in a horror situation I can not be depended on to rescue you. This preview came on for Hereditary, a horror film that is extremely horrific! I mean scream and jump in your seat. At one point they showed a scene and I immediately grabbed my purse and started down the stairs! Then I remembered I left Charli! so the moral of that story is you are on your own in the Zombie showdown!

Finally the movie came on and it was absolutely beautiful, and we all cried. Well done Reese, Oprah and Mindy! The five-year old went crazy for Black Panther and wants to go again. Next will be Peter Rabbit.

When the kids came yesterday they brought a picnic basket of goodies with them!

My lovely daughter in love knows exactly what to get me. Tea infuser shaped like a book, the fishermen set of tea bag holders, books on tea, a journal and a lovely pillow! I do love that woman!

Today I’m on my own with them and they come in the door on high-speed. But Camp Granma is officially open and we are off on an adventure!

xx patricia




Although I may not know the correct time, I do know it is Sunday. I could not figure out why I was so groggy this morning. After a nice strong cup of Irish Breakfast I went to rinse my cup and the microwave said “WTF are you doing in the kitchen at this ungodly hour I am displaying?” To which I replied, “WTF? Am I dead?”

Creeping back into my bedroom I asked Tommy what time it was. He told me.

Me: No, really, what time is it?

Him: No, really, the time changed. The correct time is on the alarm clock or your phone.

Me: Time doesn’t change! What devilry is this? What am I supposed to do now?

Him: I have an errand to run. Bye.

Me: Gutless Coward! I will not give in to these shenanigans.

Bottom line? I have no idea what time it is.  The past few days have been rather emotional for me. I don’t know why. My brain is probably figuring some stuff out.

Last night we had a quiet night in. Grabbed some grub at the Black Bear Diner. And came home and snuggled on the sofa to watch Thor: Ragnarok. Because Thor and Loki are my favorite boyfriends. It was hilarious. Then we had a mug cake and went to bed.

So sometime in the night someone changed the time. This has to be the dumbest thing ever. What is the point? We have electricity now so we don’t need to change time to have more daylight. And this entire daylight savings time…what is that? Where are we saving the daylight at? I definitely want in on that. Questions people? Inquiring minds want to know what idiot thought this one up!

I am off on an adventure to the pharmacy, maybe Frank will be able to figure out the time for me, or at least give me something to wean myself off the loss of time. Hang in there y’all, I shall return with answers. Or drugs, Whichever!

Happy Sunday!   xx Patricia  Have Tea, Be Nice, Clip Your Nose Hairs!



I would say Good Morning, but we both know that ship sailed a few hours ago. Sipping on some peppermint tea and hoping this head cold will leave soon. I am always so offended when I get a little sick. I mean, I eat vegetables every day. If just the headache would go away I would be a bit less whiny. Probably. Doubtful.

On the days that I feel like a slug I find the best thing to do is write or read. As my therapist says Leave it on the page. I really have nothing to complain about. My life is going well. Our health is great. Now that my sister and I are into the hardest memories and are looking at them as parents and adults, it isn’t any easier. The pain is still just as fresh. But I am proud of us. I am proud of her. I am proud of me, for not just shoving it all back down into the file cabinet in my head under NEVER OPEN. Much like Pandora’s box, it’s too late to close now. So while we delve into the dark stuff I’m surrounding myself with Pink. Because it’s my color. It makes me smile. You have to balance the heavy and the light.

The munchkins are out of school for 2 weeks beginning Monday so I’ve been lining up craft supplies,printer ink, watermelon bath bubbles and plenty of crackies. For those of you who don’t know what those are, big people call them Ritz Crackers. But my little man calls them crackies. He was also highly offended when I purchased the bubble gum bubbles. Those are for babies.  We have gift card to redeem at the movies to watch Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time. We have a two-day Harry Potter event to dress up for and make wands and play quidditch and do wizardy things. Since these two have never even seen Harry Potter we will watch the first movie also. Can you believe that? Didn’t even know who Potter was. Bet you feel old now!

I hope everyone has a lovely week-end. It’s almost 71 here now and sunny. Laundry is done and put away and ironed. And now I’m going to lie down in a dark room and let the magic that is Aleve take this headache away!

xx Patricia



Feeling a bit blue? Try some Blueberry Tea by Celestial Seasonings. It’s quite nice and won’t stain your teeth, I used it this morning as the liquid in my porridge again and added some fresh berries as well.

Image result for blueberry tea

If today were a color it would be blue. Today is the anniversary of the car accident that changed my sister and us all. My sister is very smart, her advice to me was that today is a good day to just let it go. But your heart remembers even when your brain has tucked that memory way back in the filing cabinet of my mind.

This is the last week of school before 2 weeks of Spring Break. The Oklahoma Board of Education is sanctioning teacher strikes on April 2nd. I am in complete agreement with these guys. No raise in 10 years! One representative said,”They knew what the pay was when they signed up.” Seriously? You haven’t had a raise in 10 years, Sir?

We are taking this very seriously in the PAC I am a member of. So far this month every bill we needed dead was killed. Now we are focusing on re-elections and getting the bad apples out of the government. Although a lot of them have quit this year as they had trouble keeping their pants zipped and paid off women from campaign funds. Tsk,Tsk and all of you guys ran a “Christian” campaign. Personally I don’t care who you shagged or why. I’m not married to you. I do care about hypocrisy however. Don’t tell me you are a Christian and then cheat on your wife. If you can cheat on that holy vow, I will never trust you.

I had my first drunk ( I’m assuming) Instagram message. How thrilling for someone to send you pictures and ask you for some so they can look at them over and over. No, not today dude! But at least I can say I have had some type of troll.

I’m taking my tea outside and finishing Jake Tapper’s new novel Hellfire! So far, really good!

xx Patricia    What are you drinking today? Or reading? I get the best suggestions from y’all!


Seriously, I am not a hoarder…she said

Morning Y’all! I think the wind may have subsided for a bit. At least there aren’t lawn chairs flying through the air. Yesterday was so bad I couldn’t even open the car door!

Today I’m sitting in the office, avoiding work, chatting with my sister and sipping on my morning Irish Breakfast Cuppa. It’s also tea ordering day. If you looked at the tea cupboard you’d never know those suckers are stacked 3 to a row! Backups of everything.

It’s also time to get rid of the odd chipped teapot or cup or saucer and I’m looking at all of these different ways to  re-purpose them. I’ve done the candle making thing and I’m kind of over that. A few are being saved for fairy houses and I’m loving the bird feeder idea.

It doesn’t help when you have a great partner in crime to point out all of the cute cups and saucers and pots that you really need. I am a tea hoarder addict. It’s not like I keep the empties.

On another note I have started wearing a rubber band on my wrist. Now instead of things just falling right out of my mouth I snap my band and look away. I am really trying not to give unsolicited advice. I’m finally at a point in my life where everything is on point. I trying to be grateful and to do that I need to stop being judgy. Oh, yes I am judgy! I judge you on your football team. I judge you on your meat-eating ways. I judge you on your choice of pajama pants at Wal-Mart. So if you would all just jump on the Plant Based Diet, the Florida State Seminoles, and put on some damn pants, I think I can do this!

xx Patricia     Be Nice,Drink Tea and don’t be judgy.




Good Morning! Grab a Cup!

It is Monday and the wind is blowing so hard I’m surprised the lawn furniture is till here! But the sun is shining and that’s a plus!

Yesterday I went way out of my comfort zone. To the Mall. Trust me when I say if you suffer from anxiety like I do this is a no-no. At first it was cool. We strolled along checking out the Spring fashion, picking up some cute Easter outfits and Spring Break outfits for the little ones.

I was pretty much finished at the mall and really wanted out of there when we started to get on the escalator a guy standing in front of a salon yelled at me! ” Miss, Miss, who styles your hair? I love your hair, could you come show my friend?” I knew it. I was going to have a full on panic attack at the freaking mall. But just like that, my keeper not only jumped in but so did a security guard who helped us tremendously. And we got the hell out of there!

We ended up at the market where I found a luscious Meyer Lemon Tart and a mini Strawberry Cream croissant for tea. It was a really nice accompaniment to the Meyer Lemon Tea!


And let me say…yummmm!  Today I am booked all day so have yourself a beautiful day and have a nice cuppa!

Miss Charli Ava also had her first hockey game Saturday. Here is my sweet baby getting ready to beat the crap out of some boys. Sponsored by the Dallas Stars!

Next week begins Spring Break so we will be living at the local movie theater. Hello Black Panther!’


Enjoy some quite time and a cup of tea.

xx Patricia