I did. I totally forgot our anniversary on the 11th. I have never gotten it right. Once in a while I wake up bubbly ( you know that’s a lie) and say Happy Anniversary on the 10th.  And OU Boy reminds me it’s the 11th. I think I have a perfectly good excuse. My niece was born on the 11th, my sister on the 12th. Those dates are chiseled into my brain. If you add another event on those days, I’m not going to remember it.

Yesterday I tried to stay off of Social Media because I was in a bad mood. Tears for no apparent reason, picking a row with anyone I met. Yep, the Depression Fairy had somehow wormed her way into my head. I was just so unbearably sad. So I decided to clean the closets. Things were going well even as I used a lot of foul language about the empty float boxes in OU Boy’s closet. Really?? And then I went for the hall coat closet. Where I store all of my blankets and vintage linens on the top shelf. I reached for them and water poured down my arm and the smell of mildew was overwhelming.

There was a leak in the a/c line. I cried, I cussed, I cleaned it all out and had to get rid of a few things and start soaking others. When I took out the trash my neighbor asked how I was today. “Not today, Bert. Not Today.” Not proud of that. So basically my life was over now. I did a mental inventory of the things that had happened leading up to this and I could see quite plainly what the issue was. Stand next to negative people and see if you don’t start feeling upset, unsettled and just bad. So I made a cup of Earl Grey, grabbed a book and sat in the bath for 2 hours.

Today I’m still not 100 percent on the sadness, but that’s depression, she comes and goes as she pleases. Basically I am a creature of habit. Order. Not a speck out-of-place. And when that doesn’t happen I freak out. Today I am going to just float in the pool and try to drown that particular fairy!

Have a good one!  And thanks for always listening and encouraging!

xx Patricia


Good Morning! Okay it isn’t morning but it is time for tea! Today I tried the sample I received from Harney & Sons the other day. Dragon Pearl Jasmine. Look at the sweet little ‘pearls’ in the sachet. They smelled amazing! Unfortunately the flavor wasn’t there for me. I couldn’t taste it. But you can’t hit it out of the park every time, you aren’t the Cubbies.

First and foremost I was brought back from the sleep of the dead at the ass crack of dawn by my sister texting me. Now this chick is up and raring to go at ungodly hours. And by raring to go I mean get her coffee and head to the porch or outside and sit. My half blind self saw just a part of the message. “You need to get on a plane now”. I’m stumbling out of the bed looking like Medusa and running to the potty to call her, totally freaking out. She answers the phone just as calm as can be and asked if I had my coffee yet. She is a sneaky one! So I got up and brushed my teeth and made my coffee and called her back. We are planning a trip next year and we needed to discuss it.

It’s not the worst way to be woken up. And to be fair it was 8 a.m. and I needed to get up as we are in a break from the rain until tonight and I needed a couple of hours on the pool float to contemplate life.

Back to the tea order. I ordered the Earl Grey Supreme this time. How is it different from Earl Grey? Well this one is a blend of four black teas, silver tips and a little extra bergamot. So when my lovely neighbor Ms. Barrymore, popped by to bring me some purple hull peas and tomatoes from the farmer’s market, I insisted she try it with me. I understand why they added the Supreme to this one. Talk about a smooth, light tea! The aroma was strong and we steeped it for 4 minutes, and we drank an entire pot! Highly recommend this one.

I’m headed back to the pool listening to Radiohead today. Creep!

xx Patricia      What are you up to today?


Friday has arrived. I’m not saying that because I woke up happy it was Friday. I thought it was Thursday. I am still trying to get used to OU Boy doing the 9 to 5 thing and so is he.

This mornings tea was the lovely tin of Earl Grey Supreme turned into a latte with almond milk. It was slap your momma good! I had to re-up on the Summer iced teas and always need Earl so it was a good mail day all around as my SAT study guide came as well and I was really proud of it.

Harney & Sons are great about tossing in samples and I thought I had tried everything, but no, they sent me a sample of Dragon Pearl Jasmine! A floral tea with little pearls of jasmine that smell so intense. I can’t wait to see how they unfurl in the pot this afternoon.

I made my book deadline. Barely. I’m still stuck in The Clockmaker’s Daughter by Kate Morton. I rarely go back and read a book twice, but the narrator of this book really intrigued me. So I’ll be at the pool with a book and some tea. If it doesn’t rain again.

What’s everyone up to this weekend? What ever you do I hope it’s fun!

xx Patricia


Cutting back on caffeine is not really hard when there are so many good tea selections and this morning was a favorite summer tea which I have purchased in hot and the new iced form from Harney & Sons. This morning just seemed like a Blueberry Green hot kind of morning. Never fear, there is a pitcher of the Iced in the fridge too. The smell from these are amazing.

My sister received her Harney & Sons order yesterday and sent me a picture right away plus a text about the amazing smell of the Blood Orange Iced I had sent her and I sent her instructions for the Earl Grey London Fog. I love sharing my love of tea with my sisters.

We have been talking a lot about self-care and that ties in so well with tea time. A time of quiet contemplation and being in the moment. Savoring the smell, the taste as the warm, liquid love fills your body. Let your mind wander and see where it ends up. Smell is the sense that stirs memories. My Blueberry Green takes me straight back to Mississippi and heading into the back yard with my cereal bowl and picking those fat, juicy berries off our bushes and popping some straight into my mouth. A perfect moment.

Tea is one thing I do not mind spending money on. I will not drink or buy cheap tea. I want to see the tea leaves and bits of fruits or spices in a nice silk triangle sachet. So the tea can move around and infuse the water with all the flavors. Paper teabags with dust in them are not for me and shouldn’t be for anyone. Loose Leaf Tea is the best and while we have strainers, lately we haven’t wanted to use them because the grands like to imagine they see shapes in the leaves.

Have you tried any new teas this summer? Please share!!

I am under a deadline so it will be a multiple pots of tea day here. Y’all have a good Thursday and love yourself.

xx Patricia



Good Morning! The sun is shining brightly and there is just evidence on the ground this morning. Last night was storm after storm, sirens going off, flooding and a bit over 5 inches of rain. OU Boy even caught a nice picture of the tornado that briefly touched down close by.

Needless to say the only thing on our television was a hyped up weather man and I was not allowed to turn the channel. This morning the waters are receding and the branches are picked up but there is still flooding on the south side inside homes and businesses.

Speaking of channels, I broke down after years of saying no to cable because our television is only on for sports on Saturday and Big Brother but OU Boy persevered and wore me down. Last night he is trying to figure out the remote and how to go back to what he was watching (another weather channel) when I grabbed the remote, pressed a button and said, “The Weather Channel”. And poof! There it was. OU Boy had a look on his face that you usually only see at a tent revival.

He is really the best guy in the world. Last night I really was a bit anxious when I saw the funnel very close to us and desperately wanted a cup of Earl Grey but I was out of Harney and Sons and had not received my order yet. Not to fear, OU Boy opens the tea cabinet and Voila! There is a brand new tin of Earl Grey. What??? ” I noticed you were out and picked up a tin for you.”  To which I replied “Who are you?”.

So here I sit this morning looking out the kitchen window waiting on my order. Plus the one I sent to my sister in Denver. She and her daughter and her grandsons went to Boulder and toured the Celestial Seasonings facility and bought several blends at the gift shop. Little Miles is now only drinking tea! So I told her I was sending her the good tea. So I am anxiously waiting for her delivery too so I can talk about it with her. I sent her an Earl Grey of course plus I don’t know if you are aware but from 3 to 5 p.m. is Happy Hour at Harney & Sons for all Iced Teas! Half price. So I re-stocked my supply and sent her the Iced Blood Orange to try plus a bunch of samples.

Now I will take my cup of tea and Under My Skin by Lisa Unger and wait patiently for the postman.

xx Patricia


Feeling fortified for the day ahead with Taylor’s English Breakfast and some almond milk. The sun is trying desperately to come out from behind some ominous looking clouds. We have had rain for days and I am about over it.

When I saw the lovely bird quote it struck a chord with me. Not only is it true, it applies to all of us. I’m thinking of book bloggers and reviewers of whom I am one. We can all read the same book and give totally different reviews on it. We are all influenced by our own experiences, beliefs and cultures. Do I get personally insulted if someone reads a book I loved and they didn’t? No. I used to, but then I grew up.

I learned to respect others opinions and move on. I don’t need to name call, shame, or throw a tantrum. I am not Trump. So let me tell you a tale and you tell me what you would have done.

OU Boy and I were crazy busy the other day and we had about an hour before more storms were coming so we popped into our pizza place. Greeted at the buffet by a 5-year-old girl wearing a dress laying on the floor in front of the salad bar with her legs in the air screaming bloody murder. The mom just ignored her and kept filling her 5 plates of food. At the table the kid starts licking the parm and pepper flakes holders and then went and touched every piece of food. Threw like 6 bread sticks on the floor which her mother picked up and put back on the tray!!! The entire time this kid is throwing a fit. Mom still shoveling in the pasta not saying a word.

My first instinct was to tell her to take her kid to the car if she couldn’t mind her but instead I told the manager and they quickly changed out the food and then I loudly said, Can you make her stop please? We are trying to eat. She chose to ignore all of us and we chose to leave. I talked to my sister about it and we were both appalled. None of our children have ever behaved like that in public. Nor do our grands. Personally I think they were just raised right. But also I always told my kids ” You can act up if you want to but when we get in that car, your ass is mine”. Never had an issue. My sister carried a small wooden spoon in her purse and would just open it and show it to her kids.

How do you feel about parents not controlling their children in a public space? Are we not teaching manners anymore? What happened to please and thank you or yes m’am and no sir? Because we aren’t getting any support in the behavior part from our elected officials or so-called celebrities. Let me know!

xx Patricia



Good Sunday to you all! I am sadly sipping a nice Chai this morning. It’s been a week.

Trying to figure out what our new normal is now that OU Boy is 9 to 5. Which means he is still here when I get up and he’s even making messes before 8 a.m. such as showering and fogging up my mirror, forcing me to actually speak in the mornings. Such horror!

Friday we had rain all day, Saturday we had a couple of thunder boomers come through and this morning darned if it wasn’t at it again. Which means putting on your wellies and running out in the downpour to rescue lawn furniture. I’m over it. Make up your mind Mother Nature. Thankfully all of it started after I had my 2 hour float in the pool! So I had a lot of time to read.

I have been replacing one meal with a Super Foods Smoothie which is just Spinach, Kale, Various Frozen Fruits and some Maca Powder. Yesterday I added Bee Pollen. I started with 2 granules because I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, and I was told to try just two for a bit. I didn’t have to wait for a ‘bit’. All night my feet and hands tingled and my mouth was tingly and dry and I could barely swallow. So we won’t be putting that in again. All in all though I have a ton more energy and haven’t been tempted to eat any processed foods.

It’s still sprinkling outside so I am headed to my comfy reading chair to read The Hour of Death….ooooohhh.

Have a good one, Y’all!

xx Patricia



Snuggled up in the bed with a nice English Breakfast Tea from Taylor’s this morning listening to the rain and wind.

Last night we lost power again and didn’t get it back until around 4 this morning. I peeked out the door this morning and the lawn furniture was everywhere except where it belongs. The wind and hail were intense and the flooding around town is bad. But it should clear out today so we can get back to the pool.

Nothing beats a dark, rainy morning and a cup of tea and a good book. I was reading Be Our Ghost by Kate Kingsbury, due out in October. It is a cozy mystery with its own in-house ghost!

In the ongoing saga of OU Boy taking a stand against racism and bigotry at the country club and resigning, we have settled with them and have been just looking at offers. Although he still works on his house flipping under our company, and will continue with that part-time now, he has accepted an offer from Hyatt Group Worldwide. It was a no brainer after we heard the perks were traveling all over the world and deep discounts on any Hyatt property. So tomorrow begins a new chapter in our story. He will be able to use his degree and the connection with the company’s reps was so positive and the people so real. So today is the last day I have him. Right now he is picking up a bulb from the Land Rover Shop and then who knows!

This works great for me as well. I get to travel too and I can work from anywhere so one life goal down. And as my son is thinking of buying a bus and living and travelling across the country with 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a cat. So if that comes to pass we can meet them anywhere to visit. (I don’t think the reality of this has come to him yet, so I’m skeptical).

I’ll be over here drinking tea and reading a book.

xx Patricia



Tazo Earl Grey and I wish you a good Tuesday! I’m not sure what is going on with the weather here. Conditions are ripe for severe storms. The heat is relentless and last night our entire neighborhood lost power. I’m assuming from all of the air conditioners working full-time. We just sat in the dark and listened to comedy on the phone. Then we just decided to go to bed. Just as I was falling asleep I heard the a/c come on and thank goodness as it was steamy in here!

I tried really hard yesterday to put my mind on caring for myself and hopefully avoiding the Anxiety Fairy for a bit. First I dragged out my calculator and figured what a SuperFoods Smoothie was costing a week and shuddered. So I dug out the juicer and decided to try making my own. I put 1/2 cup of water in and then 2 big handfuls of Spinach and 1/2 tsps. of Coconut Oil to help turn this into a sludge and also it helps me digest the spinach better. Once I had a nice sludgie mixture, I tossed in a handful of frozen chopped up banana and a handful of frozen, unsweetened mango,pineapple, strawberries and peaches. In minutes I had the same smoothie I pay $5 for every day. And it was delicious. So I sat down and figured out some more combinations and I’m trying a Blueberry Banana Cacoa one at lunch with some added Bee Pollen.

I pretty much eat a raw food diet anyway but as you can see from the picture I do heat some things like broccoli. Just 4 minutes in the pan makes it easier for me to digest. And all those fresh farmer’s market veggies are delish!

So OU Boy figured out finally that if he wants meat he better learn how to cook it. And my goodness he has some hidden skills. He googles recipes and turned out this lovely meatloaf that held together and was easily sliced. I was most impressed because when I tried to make meatloaf it came out falling apart and it was suddenly taco night.

Today we are continuing our hunt for the perfect kitchen table. It has been frustrating to say the least.

Have a great day and take a few minutes for a nice cuppa!

xx Patricia


Orange is the word of the day! Because it is hot. Summer is hitting us with highs in the 90’s and I am happily putting away a ton of this Blood Orange Iced Tea from Harney & Sons!

This little pitcher is pretty cool. It holds 2 quarts which is what one bag of the Iced Teas make. I toss in oranges too so this little gem not only has an ice core but tiny perforations so the tea comes out and keeps the stuff you stick in there out of your glass. I drink a pitcher a day.

Sunday was a pretty quiet day here. I was reading Sold on a Monday which is set in the 30’s and 40’s. It is a story sparked by a photo in 1948 showing 4 children for sale. It is such a wonderful story. Then the Anxiety Fairy swept through the door and I have no idea why. But she is still lurking around and I’m trying not to be a total bitch today so I will be staying in and reading and waiting her out.

I have nothing to be anxious about so I’m stumped. I’ve done all of my CBT exercises and I just don’t have answers. If I see one more article saying “How to get rid of your anxiety in 5 steps”. Yeah, no. That’s not how it works. Not how any of this works. So I’m going to be kind to myself today and stay away from people. I’ve been peopling too much.

Have a good Monday. Be Nice. Turn off the news~

xx Patricia