Tuesday morning and we are headed to the lake. There’s a heat wave going on and OU Boy has a new float to try out. Or break. Mostly he breaks them. I don’t know how.

Yesterday the cleaning fairy came through and did a nice job so I don’t have a thing to do today except lounge in some water. We went yesterday and found some appropriate Legos for Charli’s birthday. Along with a real old-fashioned diary with a lock and key and a lovely poofy pen. Along with the books she should be happy.

Here is what the dreamy teal looks like. Along with some new Converse shoes I love and some lovely flowers OU brought me. It was a good day.


NO shopping today, just floating on the lake. I hope you have a great Tuesday and stay cool!

xx Patricia



A Wild and Crazy Weekend!


Monday you are always so punctual! It has been a busy morning and a busy week-end. I’m sipping on some nice Blood Orange Iced Tea and it is so good!

I hope you are all sitting down as I wouldn’t want anyone to pass out. Yesterday I cooked! Seriously. I made the most amazing parmesan meatballs in sauce. I doubled the batch and put one in the freezer. Hold on, it gets weirder! I made my very first sponge cake! My friend Joanna who lives in Lancastershire crawled in her attic one day and sent me her mum’s recipe. I messed with it a little. I made a lemon one and then made a nice lemon curd to fill the layers and just dusted the top with confectioner’s sugar.

OU Boy already said he wasn’t going to eat any because he doesn’t like lemon curd. Okay so before I knew it he was slicing a big old slice and licking his plate! It is absolutely delicious. Since we don’t like frosting very much the flavor of just the cake and the lemon curd were so pure and my mouth did a little jig.

The meatballs and sauce were out of this world too. Basically instead of using bread crumbs I used grated Parmesan Cheese. So look at me cooking and baking and filling my freezer with peaches, blueberries and strawberries as we have been overrun with fruit.

Yesterday afternoon we went shopping for a new bed for the five-year old and came home with a bed and a new computer, For whatever reason OU Boy likes desktops. So I got him one. And it’s Dreamy Teal Color. He is in love with that sucker so it was worth it to be able to make him happy since he takes such good care of me. And that ain’t easy folks!

So this week, the kiddies will be back on Wednesday through Friday. Since Miss Charli Ava’s birthday is this Friday we are going to have a mani-pedi day and tea at Pinkitzel in Bricktown. She also wants Legos but I did my time in Lego land hell and have the scars on my feet to prove it, so that’s not happening. Instead she is getting the complete Little House on the Prairie books and my set of The Bobbsey Twins.

Y’all have a great Monday and treat yourself to a cuppa and some cake!

xx Patricia


Bastille Day! Celebrating France!

Today we are celebrating with our French friends. So of course we are having Harney and Sons Paris Tea. It is as delicious as France itself!

I guess everyone is dealing with crazy weather. I honestly burned my feet on the sidewalk yesterday. It’s hot. And for some crazy reason we aren’t getting any breeze or winds at all. I mean come on Texas and Kansas! One of you is supposed to be blowing through. The weather man says we may get some showers but I’m thinking the only shower we are going to get is when the sprinklers come on.

Yesterday I stayed in the pool all day. It was so quiet and soothing. My phone started ringing and my ringtone is Halsey’s Bad at Love. The five-year old busted out singing the entire song adding his own unique dance moves, which are rather like watching a seizure but he does give it his all. And how proud was I that he knew that song!

This morning demands a good house cleaning. And I am supposed to be thinking about dinner. Okay. I’m going to the pool.

xx Patricia


We made it to Friday. That was doubtful earlier in the week. This morning I was able to drink my regular English Breakfast tea and all was right with the world.

I wish. But the big yellow man is still running around pretending he is smarter than everyone else. Enough said about that.

Today was Corbin’s turn to pick his favorite color. It’s turquoise. I think he just likes saying the word, but it happens to be a favorite of mine so I went with it. Today is the last day of having the grands for summer vacation. They are going to Dallas for a visit and I am going on my own vacation. Two entire weeks of me. In the sun. With a beverage.

I think we all need some alone time sometimes. Just to let our minds wander, do some day dreaming and work out the plots in our lives so the story runs smoothly. I’m adjusting to a couple of new changes in my life. I gave in a bought a microwave which I still don’t know how to operate but it was a compromise and it sits on a counter no one can see so I’ll learn to live with it. And when one thing comes in two things must go out. So broken flip-flops, you can’t stay. I can kill a fly with the good ones just as well.

Yesterday I went out to the pool just to float around a bit and the next thing I knew my neighbor was outside playing Stand By Me on a guitar and drinking an adult beverage. Then he proceeded to play Stairway To Heaven. Multiple times. It went on and on and finally I said, “Hey, do you know anything from the 2000’s maybe?” I guess he was offended and he left. Whatever, the steroids are still tapering off.

Today my goal is simply to return the tiny humans alive. Then I’m making a peach cobbler for my honey and hoping he doesn’t throw it up as he is now sick.

Have a great week-end. Take care of yourself!!

xx Patricia

And The South Has Risen Again!

Ten days. Ten days of coughing, spitting,breathing treatments, vast quantities of tea and steroids. I hate to even say this out loud, but I’m like 99% well. I haven’t thrown up or had to have a treatment in 36 hours.

People always told me that prednisone makes you eat and look bloated. My problem was not that. It was the try to eat and then throw it up. The question of the day was always Well, Patricia, what do feel like throwing up today??? But I ate a bit of pasta salad last night and it stayed where it belonged. So with Corbin and I having just a lingering cough I think we will live.

Charli and I floated in the pool yesterday and it was wonderful and quiet and the sun felt amazing. My first instinct when I feel better is to dive head first into my regular routine. But I’m trying to take it easy. Especially since my postman asked me yesterday if I was still on the steroid rage. Normally I am a nice, polite person. Stop laughing. I am. But these steroid things had me telling people where to go and how they should get there! Things have come out of my mouth that normally I just say in my head. But I think I got some good street cred out of it. People are avoiding looking at me. Win!!!

So let’s talk about how I got through the throwing up mess. I found this Bigelow Calm Stomach. Now I love a good peach, but I do not love artificial peach flavor. I’m a Georgia girl. I know my peaches. And this stuff was delicious! There were so many things going on in my mouth and nose but one of them was not throwing up! I will definitely be keeping this in rotation.

We are having a heat wave. That’s funny. This is Oklahoma. It’s a typical summer. But my sister in South Dakota called yesterday all out of breath and depleted because she went out to her garden and picked some squash and it was 93 degrees! Oh Lawd! That’s a cool front here.

Thanks for all the well wishes and kind thoughts. Much appreciated. And as they say at Target…..Oh crap, that bitch is back!

xx Patricia


Today makes a long time that I’ve been sick. Trying to recover from the eye surgery and then praying my eye doesn’t just pop out while I’m hacking up a lung over here.

I had no idea there was an entire Pinterest area devoted to the craziness of Prednisone. But the struggle is real. I’m just waiting for them to get out of my system. They seem to want to leave as every time I eat I throw up for hours while coughing. The mood swings are the worst. I’m not quite sure why OU Boy is even here. Everything is his fault. Magazines not on an angle on the coffee table? Damn it man what the fuck is wrong with you!!!!

Let’s just say it hasn’t been pleasant and a lot of tears have been shed on all sides. Yesterday I had hope. So we cleaned the house top to bottom. Washed every piece of bedding and all the towels and wash cloths. And then I got cocky and ate a black bean burger. And another night was spent over the trash can. Which brings me to this. Who the hell does not know how to hold back the hair when someone is barfing? Do they not teach this in boy school? I’m gagging and motioning to my hair and he’s looking at me like What??? After the worst of it I asked him, “Have you never held a girl’s hair back while she barfed?”¬† “NO!” he says. “Where the hell did you grow up?” I say. It’s like common knowledge. So now I carry a pony holder because I should have been a lesbian and then I’d have someone to hold my hair back when I barf. Yes, these are the steroid crazy thoughts I have.

On steroids you want to eat all the time. Except if you also have an upper respiratory infection, then you only eat if you must and then throw it up along with some phlegm. But you are still bloated like a dead whale. I tell everyone I see, I’m on steroids. I’m bloated. Most can relate. Some just look at you and wonder if you are nuts.

Last night I ran across Bigelow Benefits Calm Stomach Tea. Ginger, Peach, Marshmallow Root and other goodies that should help. I’m going to try it today and see. Other than that I should stay home and not say a word to people.

So we are on the mend. Good News. It’s hot as hades and everytime I go outside I feel like a slug. Yesterday I wore my pajamas to Home Depot and not one soul noticed. Granted it was a tank top and boy shorts but still that’s how far gone I am.

Have a good one Y’all!

xx Patricia

It Could Have Been A Lot Worse!

This has been the roughest two weeks. Trying to keep my daily appointments with the eye surgeon, the eye is doing really well. I have 20/50 vision in that one now and there is still some inflammation so it will get better soon.

Monday we all got sick. Some kind of nasty plague that made you cough for hours before throwing up. Because I have asthma they had to take me off the eye pressure drops as they can damage your lungs. By Tuesday we were like a bunch of sloths lying in our own waste. So the Fourth of July was spent at the hospital getting breathing treatments and I.V. steroids. Back home and Thursday and Friday were just more of the same. Corbin sleeping, me wheezing and hacking up a lung. Charli bugging the living daylights out of us because she wasn’t sick and was bored.

Poor Corbin was just leaning over the bed throwing up on the floor like a cat. This is a nasty thing that a lot of folks have, mine was just made worse by asthma and I was terrified that all the coughing and retching were going to put too much pressure on my eye, but so far so good. Today I feel halfway human. Tommy has already cleaned the floors and been a great sport about cleaning up after us.

I’ve had family calling asking for tea care packages and I’ve almost depleted my stash of ginger, as that one helped tremendously with the nausea.

So all in all it could have been worse. Before falling victim to the plague I actually bought a new car! And darn if the Land Rover people didn’t deliver it on the fourth of July! I am in love with this thing! Moral of the story, don’t ever give up your dreams, your book will sell and all will be well!

Now it’s back to bed for me. I am not risking relapse on this thing. I haven’t been in the pool in over a week!

Have a great weekend. I’m going to catch up on all of your blogs and see what the world has been up to.

xx Patricia

An Opportunity To Do What Is Right

Good Morning! With all of us having sore throats and coughs today, we are sticking to a good English Breakfast with lemon and honey!

Summer colds are the worst. But at least we are all down at the same time. This was a tough few days. My eye decided to swell up like someone punched me. I freaked out. But after taking allergy medication it is much better. You forget how your allergies can affect your eyes. After a rough couple of days I’m feeling much more optimistic.

This is the first holiday I’ve not been very excited about. Right now I am not proud to be an American. I am embarrassed and thinking I should have stayed in Canada. The orange man has alienated all of our allies. Got into bed with our enemies and is ruining our economy and taking our freedoms. But hey, Oklahoma passed the marijuana question so there’s that. At this point go ahead and take my guns, leave the weed. We’re going to need that.

We will be at a friend’s farm tomorrow celebrating life and eating good food. Because in December our friend was given maybe 6 months to live and he is still fighting the good fight!

May your holiday be everything you want it to be!

xx Patricia


Feeling Peachy Today!

I had ordered a sample of the new Iced Tea in Peach from Harney and Sons. I didn’t order a lot because frankly I do not like the artificial taste of peach. I am a Georgia girl who loves her peaches, but not that usual fake after taste.

Well I can honestly say you won’t find any fake here. This stuff is loaded with peach flavor! And no caffeine. Rose hips, hibiscus, peach pieces and orange peel, apple pieces, safflower petal and peach flavoring. What ever they did to this bunch of ingredients works.

It is a bold tea with a nice, vibrant color and taste. I could see this hot as well. I just got a new pitcher for these teas, the ice core in the center keeps the tea cold without watering it down and the spout his perforated so if you want to toss some fruit or herbs in there, they won’t end up in your glass. So yes, this is a winner for me!

We spent Saturday at Grandma Mary’s 80th Birthday Celebration. She is such a dear. She has Alzheimer’s now so I’m not sure she knew why she was there as she kept saying it wasn’t her birthday. Her entire family came and I sat at the kids table because they are the most interesting.

 ¬†That’s my little Mags photo bombing! We get into trouble. Grandma Mary kept asking OU Boy when he was going to get her some cake. This was the third piece, but she forgets. The tiny little pink chalkboard had her birth date on it and she said well she wasn’t born in 1938. But she also thought OU Boy was her husband, so we just roll with it.

After that I had a bad couple of days with the eye. It was swollen almost shut and the pain was unbearable. After discussing it with the doctor, we upped the pressure drops and I am doing nada, nothing, zip except remain calm and try to recover. This is hard for me. But I am not doing anything to jeopardize my recovery.

Have a wonderful Monday! We love you Canada!

xx Patricia


Time to put the kettle on and grab a cup! Needing an extra boost of caffeine today, I opted for a good English Breakfast tea from Taylor’s. Just the thing.

I am quite sure I have been the most ungrateful person in the world this week. Well maybe not as much as the Orange Cheeto Man, but for me pretty awful. Everything has irritated me and I really just want everyone out of my house and have some peace and quiet.

This morning I had a long talk with myself in the mirror and I was totally ashamed. I can blame part of it on the anesthesia but the rest was just pure frustration. So I would like to say I am grateful. For the talented doctors at Dean Mcgee. For the great nurses in recovery and in pre-op. For OU Boy for putting up with me whining and crying and generally being a baby. For Harney and Sons having a package waiting for me as soon as I got home.

I’m grateful that I can come here and read your blogs and not have to think about recovery and the eyeball. That I can laugh at your tales, learn from your baking and get some great book recommendations. I wonder how Cynthia is getting along with the septic system, how is Cecilia getting on with the new farm babies? How is Garfield’s Mom? Who has the best TBR list this week? See, each and every one of you helps me and I am grateful.

I had forgotten for a minute to be grateful every day and let myself down by doing that. So I’m going to be really present today and make sure all of the people I love know how grateful I am for having them in my life.

Thanks Y’all! And to OU Boy, I am not bossy, those are Leadership Skills Dude!

xx Patricia