Life is Short…Eat The Damn Cupcake!

Always choose to be kind. You can be mean later if you must, but always approach everyone with kindness. Let that be the first thing people see in you. I would love to be known as a kind person first and then one that will also fight for her friends to the bitter end!  I hope these lovely photos will make you smile! Especially my little Evangeline finding her first Vegan cupcake in Cali!  xxp

What A Smile Can Do😌


It’s a brand new day and the sun is shining bright. Yesterday was just not a good day personally. And I was still feeling rather melancholy this morning.

Then I walked outside and my neighbor smiled and waved and said ‘So good to see you and your smiling face’. And the clouds just lifted….that’s the power of one smile😁😁😁

xx Patricia

Girlfriend Wisdom..and Tea!

It’s warm and windy today and I’m feeling very Pink!  This is one of my favorite little quotes. Tea with girlfriends, ranting and raving about things happening in our lives.  My little tea group/book club is priceless. They will tell me the truth. If I’m overreacting if I’m being a drama queen they will let me know! They will also be the first to have my back and pull me out of a funk and head to the teapot!

Here’s to friends. Virtual or flesh and blood. Friendship is a treasure, so be a good friend to someone today!

Enjoy your tea and Be Nice!  xxP