When Does This Hibernation Thing Begin?

Grab a cup of something warm….like tea. Today we are enjoying a nice cup of Lemon Ginger from Ahmad. Still taking it easy on the digestive system.

Today we are all up and dressed in actual clothes! The kids have been great and loads of help. We have more paper snowmen hanging up than I want to count. The amount of paper scraps is overwhelming.  You know you are totally owned when the five-year old passes right by the trash bin to find you in the bathroom to give you his trash to toss.

I had high hopes for his eating habits after last night when he ate 11 homemade chicken nuggets but this morning breakfast was more of a negotiation. OU Boy face timed him and told him to eat one bite. Instead he broke out singing Light the candles, Hanukkah’s here. The entire song. And seriously what was I supposed to do? Sing along. Toss the oatmeal and give him his crackies. Or Ritz crackers as we non-addicts call them.

On Thursday we just didn’t feel up to cooking so it was off to McDonald’s for happy meals. The lady at the window was dressed as an elf, she told OU Boy she had put something extra in for the kids. When the kids opened them not only did they get a toy, there was a brand new $5 bill in each one! Hats off to you little Elf!

They immediately wanted to go shopping and when they got to the store, they decided they didn’t want to spend it.  Smart kids.

Have yourself a merry little weekend!

xx Patricia

In Winter It’s A Marshmallow World!

This morning was definitely a Chai Tea morning! I needed those warming spices and comfort because it was a cold morning! Plus it was my first try at something other than Ginger Tea which calmed my tummy down.

Poor OU Boy went to the office yesterday and was home before noon hurling and feverish. We declared it a full on pajama day and made a big fluffy bed in front of the television where we watched movies for the under 10 set.

I have decided that children are like your cell phone. They go to bed at night, like plugging them in, and wake up 100% raring to go. And they are hungry the minute they open their eyes. I’m glad they are old enough to pour their own cereal and milk because I can’t even eke out a coherent thought at that time of day!

Everyone had a good nights sleep and while we are all a bit weak at least we are out of the bathroom. Except for the five-year old who has doused himself and the rug with baby powder. We don’t do the Elf on the Shelf thing here. We do the Star Trooper on the Pooper and sitting in the middle of all that baby powder was my original 1977, numbered Storm Trooper, looking like Al Pacino in Scarface.

I hope you all have had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. We are going to see the Lights in the Park tonight. Should be fun!

xx Patricia    Smile at someone today!

You Are The Fairest of Them All!

Good Thursday Morning. Unfortunately this flu thing has gone through our entire group, so we are all staying inside, in bed! Poor OU Boy tried to go to work today but is on his way back to bed and his own toilet!

Thank you all for the helpful comments this week. From what I hear it went well. I have been living on Tazo’s Green Ginger Tea as it calms my tummy a bit. But then someone throws up and I do what I call sympathy gagging. Aren’t you glad you stopped by today?

Have a good Thursday and I’m hoping we will all be well soon. I know I’m getting a lot of reading done!

xx Patricia

Monday Sick Day and a Question!

Good Monday Morning World! I am happy to report that we still have no snow and none in sight! I will stay happily in the 60’s.  This mornings tea is Tazo Refresh Mint Tea. Not my usual morning tea at all.

But when you are awake before 4 a.m. with the urge to throw up, it’s about all I can tolerate.  No, this isn’t some flu, it’s just life with Crohn’s Disease. Obviously I ate something that didn’t agree with my stomach and now I’ll be paying for that for a while.

It’s my own fault. I just really wanted some good cheese. So today I’m staying in bed with the heating pad and hoping to feel better.

I wanted to ask you all a question. We’ve all heard the #metoo on social media and we have also seen and heard women stand up and tell their stories. But what if the person who is being sexually inappropriate towards you is your father in law? He has a couple of accusations from family and a few warnings at work. Your husband knows about it. The entire family knows about it. But instead of having her back, he just decided to keep his wife and his family separate, as he doesn’t like confrontation. So what do you say, should he be standing up for her and his sisters? Or do they just let it go and fester like a boil until it comes to a head and shit goes everywhere? What would you do if this was your husband?  And no, I’m not asking for a friend.

Back to bed today and hope to feel better tomorrow!

xx Patricia

A Tea Party With My Loves

Today is a day of rest for me. I did so much cutting, pasting, creating and baking yesterday with the munchkins I am worn out today! I let the five year old and the seven year old make pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The recipe was from a blog I follow. I had sent it to my FB page and it was pretty straight forward. There really was no mess to speak of!

Now the cutting and pasting and scotch tape put on everything, that was a mess! But I’ve found these babies love to clean. Sweep and mop up. They did a great job and we had the best tea party, with the five-year old marveling that a shortbread cookie could be even better dunked in tea and then stuck in the sugar bowl! He claims it was an experiment so I had to give that one to him as it was pretty slick!

Today we are back in shorts and sandals…more weather flakiness. While my family has 6 inches of snow in Mississippi! The Georgia cousins are whooping it up. I remember one time when I was very young we heard it was snowing in Atlanta. My Daddy, being from the frozen tundra states, packed us all in the car and we headed to Atlanta from Brunswick, right by the ocean where we never got snow! By the time we got up there, it was mostly sludge. We were not impressed and it would be many years before I saw snow again.

Now on to do the Sunday stuff!

A Fun Saturday With The Kids!

Well that Dessert Fairy wasn’t needed today! Charli Ava and Corbin weren’t putting up with that type of unreliable behavior. We took matters into our own hands!

This had all of the makings of a huge mess but it went great! Corbin was in awe that “that lady just sent you that recipe on the computer!” And yes that lady did. For the pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. The key to cooking with kids is organization and responsibility.

While I called out the ingredients, Charli placed them on the counter as Corbin yelled, Check! While they were having a blast they also learned to measure and fractions and reading.  They were very proud of themselves!  The recipe is on our Tea and Tales 1  Facebook Page. Or HERE

We colored and cut and pasted snowmen, trees, angels and used a lot of scotch tape! We all talked to Momma still in the hospital and when their Dad called to say he was on the way they made signs for the front door and locked it. They just needed 300 more minutes to finish up the little gifts they made for their Dad. And another note that said, This isn’t your house so we don’t have to unlock the door.

Corbin decided that shortbread is even better dipped in Sugar Cookie Tea and then in the Sugar bowl! And then he ate the bars and thought they were the best thing he ever, ever had in his mouth! And he was correct. These are delicious!

So, while it was freezing cold outside, we were warm and listening to Christmas music and creating things. It was the best day ever!

xx Patricia

Some Tea, A Tale and some Music


Good Friday Morning Y’all! That tea kettle could not whistle fast enough this morning! It was 14 degrees outside. I am so happy that I ran errands yesterday. The cupboard is stocked and maybe the Dessert Fairy will pop by with some pumpkin bars.

I’m also finishing up the mugs I’m painting to go in the gift packages along with an assortment of tea and tea accessories.


While I was out yesterday I found a gorgeous cream Poinsettia for my neighbor who carries the Bible and a Glock in a holster wherever he goes. You never know when he could come in handy so that’s covered. I also found a very nice lady who helped me locate the correct size Spiderman underwear in boxer form for the mini-demon. This woman and her daughter were on it. If something didn’t have a price the daughter went to inquire.

For some reason everyone I met yesterday was in a good mood. It was weird. Have a productive Friday and hear is one of my favorite Christmas songs!

Wrap Your Hands Around A Warm Cup Of Tea And Let’s Chat

Good Morning Y’all! Well Mother Nature has sent some of that arctic Canadian weather our way. One day in the 70’s and this morning 24 degrees. No. Not going to work for me. I had to make a huge amount of Chai this morning just do feel warm.

I talked to my Momma last night and she had an MRI where they found quite a few small fractures and  a few healed breaks. First up I wanted to know how the you know what she got those! Especially the old ones as I did not want to have to dig up my Grandfather and kill him again. The newer ones are due to her osteoporosis. So we are concentrating on the pelvic break. She still can’t put weight on one leg and she is working herself up into a full on Hissy Fit!

My Momma retired from the warmth and love of Mississippi to the land just south of the wall. North Dakota. On the border pretty much of Canada. Why? I have no clue. My sister lives there and my father is buried there but she hated that place. She is a Charleston girl. Anywhoo, I’m asking about the MRI and she said they took her in a wheelchair out to the truck. WTF?  Yep, good old St. Andrews doesn’t have a MRI machine. Fargo sends one up once a week. And the doctor is called a Hospitalist. What the heck is that?

The food sucks, the weather sucks, and if the nurses know what is good for them they will keep those Percocet coming on the regular! Just be kind to her. I know she’s a handful of 5 foot nothing, and she can cuss you out like a sailor, but it’s just because she’s scared. I’m thankful for all of you and most of all for my sister Susi who lives there and keeps us informed and works her bum off for Border Patrol but still takes care of our mother. Which we are blessed and grateful for.

OU Boy is still pushing for her to come live with us. OU Boy may not be around much longer. Especially if things go wrong at the Rose Bowl. Keep pushing buddy and you and Momma will be living in a home getting fat at the Cracker Barrel!

xx Patricia


Tasting Hygge..Joyful Recipes For Cozy Days and Nights by Leela Cyd

Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is a Danish term with no exact translation into English.

The most delicious approach to hygge—50 recipes to satisfy and savor, from Almond Custard Pancakes to Greens with Parmesan and Nutmeg

Good food makes everyone feel warm and cared for, which is the very essence of hygge. This Danish way of life has been embraced by Americans who want that same sense of cozy. In Tasting Hygge, acclaimed food photographer and cookbook author Leela Cyd shares the recipes that make her happy, for cultivating moments of connection in the dining room, at the coffee table, or over a little bedside tray. Keeping in mind the idea of slowing down and enjoying the moment, Cyd shares more than 50 recipes that elevate everyday meals into very special moments. She organizes the book into five sensory experiences (Calm, Bright, Warm, Spiced, and Smooth) with recipes.

This charming little book is full of wonderful, warm, and really good recipes! From mixing your own teas to Swedish Semlor with Almonds and Cream, my personal favorite. I could exist on these alone.

The Almond Sourdough pancakes are heavenly and the Pistachio milk is different for me. But it looks divine! Give it a look and find out about Hygge!

And now I’m off to read the new Sara Blaedel book The Undertaker’s Daughter. A Danish author of really great books!

xx Patricia    Make yourself a priority. Be as kind to yourself as your are to the people around you.

It’s An Orange Christmas Tree…

Good Morning! Sitting at the Dean McGee Eye Institute waiting on my doctor. I was having the hardest time understanding why these trees are blue and orange until someone let me know that DMEI is a big supporter of the OKC Thunder basketball team and these are their colors.

Now normally I am not in favor of using pumpkin colors on trees, but they were very pretty.

Pressure is good on my eye so he discontinued the antibiotic drops and the pressure drops and now I am down to just the steroid drops.

My doctor is leaving in a couple of weeks to go to Korea. The South one, to see his mother. I expressed my concern about him getting back but he seems okay with it.

The Anxiety Fairy saw an opening there but I’m going to shut that down quickly. I have enough to worry about without worrying needlessly.

xx Patricia    Enjoy Your Tuesday!  I am off to the library!