The Afternoon Tea Collection by Pamela Clark

theafternnoontea  Happy Sunday to you all!

The first thing that struck me about this book was the cover. The beautiful, soft pastels made me smile the minute I saw it! And the book is full of the most exquisite photographs of the pastries, tea sandwiches, and cakes.theafternoonteacupcake

I have been studying all things tea related for many years. I have never seen so many varied recipes in one place. I tried almost everyone in the book and they were all simple, just a few ingredients, but oh the taste! From the cream scones to the pink velvet cake to the tea sandwiches.theafternoonteascones

So many of the Tea books I have read have been written by bakers who have their own well established bakeries and while they are a pleasure to read and look at the pictures, it would take me all day to decipher the ingredients list and I would probably have to hire someone to bake the goods. Not so with this book, it is easy for anyone to understand and bake anything in the book.

This is one of those books that I will keep forever! Thankfully I received it as a gift and it is one I will treasure.

Enjoy your Sunday and don’t forget to stop and enjoy a nice cup of tea and something decadent!

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