The Great Mississippi Tea Compay

The Great Mississippi Tea Company
2572 E.Lincoln Rd. SE
Brookhaven, Ms.
1-601-823-4295 Hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 5, closed weekends


The Great Mississippi Tea Company sits on about 289 acres of the homestead of Seymour and Sarah Arizona Calhoun Boone. Seymour was the great-nephew of the famous Daniel Boone. His wife was the great-niece of John C. Calhoun. The land is situated in Lincoln County, Mississippi.

The Boone family homestead is still owned by descendants of Seymour and Zonie Boone. In recent years the family decided to enter into commercial tea farming in order to produce an ethically sustainable crop as a beacon for the modern world.

The farm is also home to 3 live oaks planted from seedlings grown from the live oaks that stood at Beauvoir, the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, in Biloxi, Mississippi, located on Hwy. 90 on the coast of Mississippi.


The Great Mississippi Tea Company is steeped in American history, revolution, and pioneering spirit. And now it hopes to bring about a revolution in the Tea industry. through implementation of new industry standards that should encourage others around the globe to look at their own operations and change them to become ethically sustainable not only to the planet but also to their fellow man.
They have also begun the process to be certified USDA organic.
We are all cheering for this wonderful family and their success!


Visit their website for Blog updates and you can follow them on Facebook also.

On a personal note:
When I was researching American Tea producers someone told me to ask my Momma about the one in Brookhaven, where my parents had retired to a long time ago. I was delighted to hear about this Tea company. Brookhaven is one of the most charming southern towns and the people who live there are warm and gracious and family.
Having lived for years in Biloxi I’ve made many a trip to Brookhaven.
And as if that wasn’t enough of a connection, my fiance’ is the 5x great- nephew of Daniel Boone also. Through Daniel’s sister, Elizabeth, who married William Grant.

With all of these connections how could I not include it in the American Tea Series!
You can read more about this family history and even adopt a tree on their website:

This was posted on their FB yesterday.


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