Sweet Tea Revenge (Tea Shop Mysteries) Book 14 by Laura Childs

There is just nothing like Laura’s Tea Shop Mystery series! It is like being in a virtual tea shop with your best friends. And she always has recipes in the back of the book as well as party ideas and tea pairings!

In this episode, Theodosia’s friend ( and we all know to use that term lightly) Delaine Dish has finally snagged herself a man that wants to marry her. So of course who does she ask to be her bridesmaid but Theodosia.

As time for the ceremony grows close, Charleston is in the midst of a wild storm, Delaine’s sister hasn’t shown up yet and her groom not only has cold feet, he’s cold as in dead cold!

So naturally Theo is pressed into service to help solve the murder of the groom. And she has plenty of suspects to choose from.  All of the characters we know and love are back. Detective Tidwell, slurping up  tea and stuffing his face with scones and clotted cream, while warning Theo to stay out of police business, and knowing she isn’t about to listen to him.

Things get pretty nasty along the way and you will just have to get yourself a copy and see how it turns out.

If you are a tea lover, this series is for you. If this was a weekly television show I would be planted on the sofa every week. These characters are so lovable, even when they are being irritating. The books are a wealth of tea knowledge and I have learned a lot from Drayton, Tea Sommelier extraodinare.   I hope you enjoy the books as much as I do!


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