A Few of My Favorite Things

If you are a Tea drinker, I’m sure you know all about Gunpowder Green Tea.gunpowderbaggunpowderpellets

Form the Zhejiang Province, China, it is Tumble-fired and it’s leaves are rolled and look like tiny greyish green gunpowder pellets. It is a hearty tea, but a bit sweet.  It has a straw/amber color. I usually steep it about 4 minutes at about 175 degrees for the water.


Gunpowder tea is one of the best-known and most liked of all the standard green teas. Although it is complicated to manufacture, even the higher grades are affordable. It is also in my opinion one of the most forgiving of teas to prepare. It is easy to measure and it will tolerate a range of temperatures and it’s just a fun tea to watch it infuse.

This week I decided to try Twinings Gunpowder Green:

gunpowdertwinings  gunpowderpellets

gunpowdercup   It turned out really nice and I liked it so much I let it cool and added lemon and made an entire pitcher so I could have it iced. I would definitely buy it again. Nice job, Twinings!

Now to some fun. Another member of my Tea obsessed gang sent me these pictures of odd looking teapots! Enjoy!

Unique Teapots | Incredibly-Unusual-and-Creative-Teapots-1 #Unique #Teapots:

teapot  l'd start drinking tea for this   love it....:

I’m still not sure where the tea comes out!

Dali Teapot -- I made a teapot similar to this type of Walt Disney!! will have to find a picture -- it was pretty cool  For the crazies among us!Rare Antique Late 1800's SKULLS Fine Porcelain Teapot Tea Cup Saucer & Creamer:

This set is really old and sold for around $5,000! Right up this pirate’s alley!

Resultados de la Búsqueda de imágenes de Google de http://www.herbalinfusions.ca/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/toilet-teapot1.jpg:

No, just no. But it’s funny as heck!  Which one did you like or which one were you absolutely horrified by?

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