And Now Another Tale

Due to an old ACL injury to my knee and a Jones fracture a couple of months ago, I haven’t been doing my daily 5 miles in a while. Luckily it didn’t take me as long to get over the Jones fracture as it took Kevin Durant. For those of you who don’t know who that is, get out from under your rock…it’s Spring already!

So, yesterday, being that we had no tornadoes, OU Boy and I thought we would get back out on the road and try out the legs. Now for a couple of years I have had the same route. I’m comfortable with it and I know all of the dogs and where all the potholes are located. But I came up with the bright idea of incorporating going to the Library and running. Killing two birds as they say. The local library is about a mile and three quarters and we thought it would be a good distance to begin pounding the pavement again.

Image result for runner chased by pit bull  Image result for jogging in neighborhood

The only problem was I didn’t really know the neighborhood streets and where the potholes and dogs were in this new territory. About half way to the Library, a pit bull started barking and running the fence. I was feeling pretty confident that the dog was contained inside the fence until I looked back and he was sailing over the top of said fence. At which point I turned into a banshee. OU Boy is telling me to just keep going but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t run from a pit bull or is that a bear? Finally the dog turned around and jumped back over the fence and I had to endure the icy stare of my running partner all the way to the Library.

Image result for del city, oklahoma library  

This library is in a complex that has a park, walking trails, pool and  Fire Department. It really is a lovely place and when we came out I just wanted to look around a bit. I am standing on the side of the building looking around when this hideous odor hit me. I mean it was gag a maggot bad. I must have had an awful look on my face because OU Boy asks “What’s wrong?” Where upon I said ” Oh my God, I smell awful! I mean I don’t think I have ever smelled anything this bad and it’s me!” To my credit, I rarely sweat and never just out right stink! In my head I’m wondering if anyone in the library noticed and I’m just wanting to shrivel up and die right there! I looked up and OU Boy is laughing his ass off and pointing behind me. At two dumpsters.  Yeah, it wasn’t me. But just to  be sure I made him smell me. He was not amused.

So far it’s been a fairly traumatic day for me and on the way home, I may have dawdled a little bit and got called a lookey-lou, which I don’t even know how to spell, much less define. So all the way back I’m trying to get a definition and hearing the words, piddling, lollygagging, blah,blah,blah. I’m pretty sure he would have left me if it hadn’t been for the pit bull still lying in wait.

Needless to stay I will stay on my regular route from now on where the dogs and the dog catcher know me and don’t accuse me of crimes I don’t even understand!

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