The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea is a privately owned American company that blends and markets organic and exotic teas from around the world. Started  in 1992, in California, and has it’s major production factory in Nashville, Illinois, near St. Louis.

In its marketing and labeling of tea The Republic of Tea company designates its employees as “ministers”, customers as “citizens” and retail outlets as “embassies”.

It was one of the first companies to offer varieties such as rooibos red tea,white tea, and a seed oil to American consumers.

The original owners even wrote a book detailing their journey.

They are also members in The Ethical Tea Partnership and they develop products to promote and help quite a few wonderful organizations.

They offer over 300 types of teas and it’s always easy to tell a Republic of Tea product because they come in such beautiful tins.


They even have a selection of Downton Abbey teas! There are Holiday teas, and just good solid regular every day Black, White and blended Teas.

When I can buy a great tea and support an ethical, and supportive company, it’s a good thing!

They also have their own Blog and a large Social Media presence, so check them out and support their efforts to help the planet and provide us with delicious teas!

republicoftea5  Image result for cup of tea

Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and their website: where you can find Teas, Recipes for cooking with tea, news about new teas and so much more.


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