Hashtags as Head Gear! A Tale…

It has been an eventful week. One week ago today I had a 3 year old and a 5 year old delivered to me for 5 days. No big deal, it’s happened before. Only this time my lovely little Corbin got sick on Day 2 and the monsoon season kicked in and no one was going outside. I spent 13 straight hours holding my baby while he tried to swallow and breathe and telling him baby aspirin was Pez candy and Pedialyte was orange tea.  I slept in a crib.   I had my feet thrown up on as I was sitting on the toilet!

  I watched Frozen 6 times!

All I can say is Thank Goodness he came with an older sister! What a great help she was and willing to just go  with the flow. Thank you Miss Charli Ava!

Feeling better!

Poor baby was so plugged up he kept calling the Sick Tray the Sex Trade! Or maybe he was delirious!

As soon as they were safely back with their parents, I slept like the dead!  So kudos to you moms and dads doing the job every day and doing it well. My goal was just to return them alive. And I never once considered selling them to the Gypsies or driving them past the state mental hospital ( yes my mother did that!) just so they could see what happens to bad children. They were returned in their original condition! Yeah Me!

So now school is out here. I have become that person in your neighborhood that yells at your children for stepping foot on my lawn, yelling and screaming at each other in the street and just generally bothering the heck out of me and all the other folks who work from home. What happened to year round school? Wasn’t that a thing not too long ago? It may be a long summer.

School’s Out for Summer! Awesome Things to Do with Your Kids… – <a href="http://DressMeDaddy.com" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">DressMeDaddy.com</a>EVERY SUMMER!  I think ya I'm so not going to survive this again!

Continuing on with this tale, today I went to Walmart. This is where I started to see hashtags over everyone’s head. #smoker, #onatkins, #single, #stalker, #wtf.  You get the idea. I did actually go inside the store but almost immediately saw a guy who I am trying hard to avoid so I quickly ducked back out of the store and left the shopping to OU Boy.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 34 Pics  Grandma in a Walmart Shopping Cart "Stay Classy People Of Walmart" - Funny Pictures at Walmart

I tucked myself away in a corner of the entrance and just people watched. I saw a man with a vest, but no shirt.  I saw a woman with red pants, a purple shirt, a white winter cap and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth trying to figure out where to put her cigarette before entering. I saw a woman with a T-shirt that said “Blow Me”.  That’s when I thought maybe some of us should come with a hashtag over our head, just  to explain what’s going on.

What would yours say?  Mine today would have to be #Don’t even look at me today because I have had about 3 gallons of crazy in a 2 gallon bucket now move along.

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