National Iced Tea Day

Today is National Iced Tea Day. Who knew iced tea had it’s own day. Make Your Own Ice Tea Syrup Concentrate- have fast, fresh ice tea without wasting fridge space!:

As a Deep South Georgia/Mississippi girl, I find it hard to believe people need a recipe for Sweet Tea. I just can’t wrap my head around that. It’s no mystery. For those people who only make cold Sweet Tea every once in a while, maybe, but in my house we go through a gallon a day, so I’m making tea every morning or my boys have full blown panic attacks and threaten to bring Red Diamond Sweet Tea home. Red Diamond is the only pre-made sweet tea any respectable person would drink if they were hard up.

I have been making cold sweet tea since I could be trusted with hot water.
So let me tell you how we do it.  Get yourself a gallon sized pitcher. You’ll need a gallon sized tea bag also. If you can’t find them where you live,use enough of the quart size to equal a gallon. I fill my pitcher half full of hot water, then fill it up with water I have boiled in the tea kettle. Toss in the teabags and 1 cup of sugar and stir. Let the tea steep until it’s the strength you prefer. Remove the bag. Let tea come to room temperature and then put it in the refrigerator. Ta-Da…Tea!  Just fill a big glass with ice and pour and enjoy!Perfect Sweet Tea ~ Says: There IS a small "secret" ingredient in this Tea. It removes all bitterness and creates a smooth, clear amazing Tea!:   We love our iced tea in Mason Jars…

Some things you may not know:

Sugar doesn’t dissolve in cold beverages. It just sits on the bottom of your glass.

Tea can go “sour“. OU Boy asks everywhere we go  ” Is your tea fresh?” In Oklahoma they look at him like What?? But tea sitting in a large urn all day will go sour and taste bad. I have actually seen him send tea back and tell them it was sour.

If you are not a sweet tea drinker, and I am not, I don’t eat sugar(Not to say I wouldn’t if I could, but I can’t),  when I make iced tea, whether it is black tea, green tea or herbals, I usually make Sun Tea. Water and tea bags in a covered pitcher set in the sun for a few hours. In the summer I drink a lot of green sun tea to which I add sliced lemons, oranges and mint. So good!Recipe: Iced Green Tea with Mint & Ginger by thekitchn #Iced_Green_Tea #Mint #Ginger:


Enjoy some Iced Tea today and enjoy a taste of Summer!

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