Tea Trucks?

I am  big lover of food trucks. Big Truck Tacos being my all time favorite. In doing some Tea research I came across Tea Trucks! I mean could life get any better?  Well, yes it could. It would be nice if one of these was actually in the country I live in. But, alas, I must just look longingly at them, rather like that pair of Rene and Russo shoes that I want.

But I thought they were so adorable that I rounded up a few to share with my fellow lovers of Tea and all things decadently good!

Lionel Rich Tea mug Bone China Mug by PolkadotofWinslow on Etsy, £8.00:


This is just the sweetest thing ever! I would sit on that stool all day!

Cream Teas:


The Braithwaites Teas mobile station, serving cream teas in London:

I guess I will have to move across the pond to get these!

the van and the lovely ladies  cool idea:

The lovely ladies of Royal Albert tea.


Afternoon Tea Bus Tour:

The Afternoon Tea Party Bus!

I hope you enjoyed these! I am in love with them all!  Enjoy your weekend and remember, There is always time for Tea! xxP



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