Grab a Cup and Have a Seat!

Today’s tea is from Tazo. It’s the Passion tea and it is a party in your mouth!

Here at the Pirate Nation, we are a very passionate people. We are obsessed with Tea and all things Tea!  We are also passionate about Sports. College Football, Pro Football, Baseball, Golf, whatever it is we are passionate about it!

This weekend was not a great weekend for College Football for everyone. While my NDSU Bisons did what they always do, which is win, the Noles and OU got spanked in a big way. It was very quiet here last night. I’m pretty sure the entire Sooner Nation went to bed early.

And while my baseball team has clinched their division, I am still not mentioning their name at all. Hear that Skipah?? We are all holding our collective breaths over this.

One thing we love to do is trash talk. But we all know in a heartbeat we will cheer for each other’s team as long as they aren’t playing us. However my ‘Step-Mother-in-law’, who absolutely hates me…in that good Christian kind of way of course, she posts on my FB  “Good game Loisville”  Okay, if you are going to talk trash, spell it correctly.  Seriously the spelling bothered me more than the passive-aggressive post!

So what are you passionate about? What do you live and breathe for?

Enjoy your tea and have a lovely Sunday!  Oh, and for John and Janice Woods, Happy Anniversary to you both! My role models!!


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