Death By Pumpkin Spice by Alex Erickson

Death By Pumpkin Spice by Alex Erickson

The third in the Death by series, Death by Pumpkin Spice features Krissy Hancock and her best friend, Vicki who own and operate Death by Coffee. A cafe’ and bookstore. When Krissy isn’t getting into trouble trying to solve murders.
When Krissy gets an invitation from Dr.Will to attend a Halloween costume party at the Yarborough mansion, she is more than a little nervous. Krissy is not exactly your party in the mansion type of girl.

The Yarborough’s are known for being odd. There mansion is like the haunted ride at Disney every day of the year. When one of the guests is found dead, the house is put on lock down while Officer Paul tries to figure out who killed poor Jessica Fairweather in a room full of nasty looking jack o’lanterns.

Krissy, who is up to her neck in old flames, and new ones, is determined to help Paul find the killer and the motive. But with a storm raging outside, no one is getting in or out.

The minute I saw the title of this book, I wanted it. As a lover of all things pumpkin spice and cozy mysteries. And when the murder victim has the same last name as I do, I was excited, but not for long.

Ultimately I was disappointed. There was no pumpkin spice and the self deprecating, thirty something shop owner with multiple love interests and a best friend has really been done so many times, it’s getting a bit stale.

Expected Release September 27,2016

I appreciate Netgalley and the Publisher for the book in return for an honest review.

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