The Recipe by Candace Calvert

Good Morning!  This morning I’m trying out a new tea from Tazo. It’s called Green Ginger and it is a bright green tea blend with ginger, lemongrass, and a pop of pear. It tingles my tongue and makes me a very happy girl.

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The Tale today is The Recipe by Candace Calvert. This is an interesting one. I have no idea how this book ended up on my Kindle. But it did and boy am I glad.

The Recipe

This is a novella. Very short, perfect for an afternoon cup of tea and an uplifting story.

It’s a story of finding one’s place. Of love and hope and a belief that in the end God will sort it all out. We may think we should be one thing or another, but there comes that time when everything comes together and you just know that this is what you are here to do.

I’ve been recently going through some agonizing decisions of my own and this little story brought some much needed clarity and peace.

So how it got here I don’t know, but I’m keeping it!  Plus in the back is a recipe for Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble. One of my favorite combinations of food!

So check out the novella and let me know what you think. Also the tea is amazing!!! My tongue is doing the happy dance in my mouth every time I take a sip. Now if someone could just whip up that Crumble and send it my way, we’d be in business!

Enjoy your day and take some time for a cup of tea and a tale.  xxP

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