Some New Tea and a New Cozy Mystery

Time for some tea, new to me, and a really great new book series!

Today I tried Tazo’s refresh mint tea. Just 3 ingredients: peppermint, spearmint and tarragon.  And it is delightful! The Tarragon comes through more with a second steep and is a nice little bite on the back of my tongue. Seems just right for such a gloomy day. The treats are from my favorite Pastry Chef at the CC. There is a Red Velvet with the original style frosting, so it isn’t overly sweet and a luscious layered Espresso with Bittersweet Chocolate Ganache. 

If I had to choose, which I do not…the Espresso slice was absolutely heavenly!

Plus I have a new to me book series. Author A.L. Herbert has put out his second book in the Mahalia Watkins Soul Food Mystery Series. 

Murder with Macaroni and Cheese (A Mahalia Watkins Mystery) by [Herbert, A.L.]

First let me tell you there are RECIPES. Mahalia Watkins is the owner of Mahalia’s Sweet Tea, a soul food, no calorie counting, restaurant. Her food is well known and loved.

In the first book of the series Murder with Chicken and Waffles, we meet Mahalia and her Momma and her crazy cousin, Wavonne, who all work at the restaurant. On the side, she likes to dabble in some detective work.

Halia’s high school reunion is coming up and as much as she would like to just ignore it, the committee comes to her for a solution when their original venue has cancelled on them. Of course Halia agrees to help and Wavonne wiggles right in there too, hoping to snag a football player husband like Raynell has.The reunion is a succes, but when Halia and Wavonne go to pick up the check, they find that the Queen of Mean, Raynell isn’t going to be signing anything ever again.

Raynell was that girl at school who was just a straight up MEAN girl! And she hasn’t changed a lick! But when Halia and Wavonne start nosing around, secrets come flying out of the woodwork and it’s starting to look like more people wanted Raynell dead than alive.

These cozy mysteries are so fresh and different. I laughed my way through both of them. And the entire time I was reading I was pretending that each of the ladies was one of the Atlanta Housewives!  Great stories and a really great author!

xxP cupcakeholder1

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