Election Day today – Please Go Vote!

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For all my American Readers

The reblog button is missing again today, or I would have reblogged this post from the Broken Brain, Brilliant Mind of a TBI advocate blogger.  Instead, I will copy his graphic and encourage you to jump over to read what he has to say.

Click around while you are there – TONS of amazingly helpful information on that site.

“It takes a village to transform a world!” ~ mgh

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6 thoughts on “Election Day today – Please Go Vote!

      • Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC says:

        Anxiety has me in its grip this morning. Please, somebody tell me that this is all a sick joke or a bad dream. Tell me I’m still asleep and the election went another way — ANY other way.

        Hold on to your hat – it is going to be an EXTREMELY bumpy four years. I’m glad I’m not young anymore, and my heart hurts for my generation’s children and grandchildren.

        I wish I could believe that America will be able to recover from this HUGE mistake in the future – but I don’t, really. Not today.

        God help us all.

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