Bittersweet Good Bye to 2016


It has been a year of many challenges and many small victories. I don’t expect to wake up tomorrow and all wrongs will be righted and life will be all of a sudden perfect. That would be boring!

But it has been a great year talking Tea and telling Tales, I wish you all to have the year you want in 2017.

Much Love to you All!   xxP


The Enchilada Queen Cookbook by Sylvia Casares with Dotty Griffith

The Enchilada Queen Cookbook: Enchiladas, Fajitas, Tamales, and More Classic Recipes from Texas-Mexico Border Kitchens by [Casares, Sylvia, Griffith, Dotty]


Image result for the enchilada queen cookbook

When I saw this book was coming out in November of this year I started drooling. Sylvia is the Queen of Tex-Mex. She is also a wonderful teacher!  In the book she explains every recipe and every ingredient. All of the recipes are easy for beginners and life long cooks.

The photos were a wonderful resource. I knew just what she was doing and what the product should look like! This is one of those books that will never be loaned to anyone!

Image result for the enchilada queen cookbook

She starts with the basics and it so easy to follow her instructions.

It is also in most public libraries, so check it out and then go buy it!





Make Your Own Chai!

Authentic Indian chai tea recipe - Foodess:

Chai Tea Concentrate

  • 4 Black tea bags
  • 1  4 inch piece of fresh ginger

Baking & Spices

  • 3 Allspice, whole
  • 2 tbsp Brown sugar
  • 12 Cardamom pods
  • 4 Cinnamon sticks
  • 8 Cloves, whole
  • 1/8 tsp Nutmeg
  • 8 Peppercorns, whole black
  • 2 Star anise
  • 1 Vanilla bean


  • 4 cups Water

Yummy Goodness is what this is!  A good book, warm socks, a fireplace and a mug of Chai…heavenly!


Recipe for Chicken and Stuffing

I would eat this entire thing. Yes I would! Check out all of Anne’s good stuff and her lovely posts of North Carolina!

Mehrling Muse

Chicken and Stuffing

From the Norwegian Cooks at Gotaas-Larsen — 1978

4 chicken breasts or 2 whole chickens – boil and remove meat from bones

1 pint sour cream

1 can cream of mushroom soup (I use either mushroom or cream of chicken soup, preferring chicken)

1 can of mushrooms or fresh ones (Optional)

1 small bag Pepperidge Farm Herb Stuffing Mix

1 stick butter (usually half that)

1 cup chicken broth from first step

Grease a 9×13 inch pan. Mix cooked chicken with sour cream, mushroom soup and optional mushrooms and put in greased pan. Top with mixture of stuffing mix, butter and chicken broth.

Bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.


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Blogmas Day 22..Gingerbread and Stuff

xmastea8  Grab your cup of Gingerbread Tea and prepare to go Awww… I love looking at Gingerbread Houses. Now,  mind you I’m not making one. I don’t think Santa would like the words that start flying around the kitchen with that mess. Don’t even suggest it. I’m like a two year old whining, why????  Can’t we just buy one??

Here are some that I really enjoyed seeing however. I hope you enjoy them too!

xmastea2    xmastea5

The ones on the left are so sweet! The one on the right is the Capital building.

xmastea                            xmastea4

You all know I can not resist a pedestal with anything on it! But a tiny gingerbread house under glass and a gorgeous naked cake with a townhouse on the top? Seriously too much cuteness going on here!

xmastea1   The first time I saw these little gems was when a friend from England sent them to me. Not only that,  but she sourced and sent me the cookie cutouts for them! I mean really….there’s your sweet and your tea!

xmastea7   And let me leave you with a couple of recipes for tea. These are my two favorites.

I have so enjoyed the Blogmas Thingy, thank you to Lindsay over at  for showing it to me!

Merry Christmas to you all, and I’m off to vacation!  May this holiday be everything you want it to be!


Dear Santa, I’ve Been Naughty and I’d Like Some Shoes That Match That….

Blogmas Day 21..Winter is taking a break today, so it’s back to shorts and flip flops. Plus I found a handful of different sized safety pins in my robe pocket this morning. So I’m not sure what went on last night, but it would appear I needed to make repairs at some point.

Letters to Santa have certainly changed since I was a child and today I’m going to share my stash of weird, funny and lovely letters to Santa!  Enjoy!

Sent in by Claudia T. from Woodbridge, VA.Send us photos of yourself kids� letters to Santa!:                         cutest thing ever.:

Well Andrew, it looks as if you may have a future in Law/Manipulation, while I admire you being upfront with the bad behavior, stop making excuses for it! And Tommy, I’m calling BS because I know you and so does the big guy!

Funny Letters To Santa From Kids:                                      Okay this kid is AWESOME. The Happy Valentines Day totally threw me off haha, love it! :-):

Well Olivia thanks for all the phone numbers and all of your wishes for your family, but you really should not send old men your picture. As for you Elisha, Nice try Terry Maggert! No dragons for you.

The 21 Funniest Letters To Santa Ever #funny #letters #santa #christmas #holidays #notes #note #kid #kids #humor #comedy #hilarious:                            Kids Write The Funniest Letters To Santa - 20 images:

Sarah, is organized and likes her men to be gone before her alarm goes off. I like you Sarah.  As for Sofia, of course I will bring you a present. Looks like you could probably use a dictionary….

Letters to Santa:               funny-photos-of-funny-letters-to-santa-how-do-you-get-into-my-house.jpeg (650×353):

Well we obviously have some trust issues on the left, so let’s just tiptoe out of that house! Ah Evan, a boy after my own little heart…..first the reindeer are fine, your brother is not the devil, just a minor demon, as to your question….Magic!

Letter to Santa:   I see you Santa!  Good comeback!

I hope you laughed at these. Merry Christmas!  Happy Solstice!




Invite: Xmassy BLOG PARTY! Dec 28th

Thanks to serendipidiy, this is going to be so much fun!! Check out the Blog while you are over there!


To everyone who is reading this:

You’re invited to my Blog Partyon December 28th!


Blogmas Day 19

Hello everybody! As you may have read from the (huge) title I’m hosting a blog party, my first ever blog party!I’ve been inspired by a lovely blogger, Steph – Scale it Simple. She hosted 2 blog parties so farand thanks to her I had the opportunity to participate to my first blog party and get to know so many nice bloggers who are still sticking with me!

I was a bit scared at first to host this blog party, as I’ve been blogging for 3 months now. But she told me to go for it and gave me tips. So here I am!

Thank you Steph!


What is a blog party?

A blog party is an opportunity to share your blog/blog posts and get to…

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All the Little Liars by Charlaine Harris

An Aurora Teagarden Mystery!


Charlaine Harris is the author of the Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, which are on Hallmark TV as well! She is also the author of my favorite Sookie Stackhouse Urban Fantasy series, which HBO turned into True Blood. She also writes several other series books.
All the Little Liars is one of the Aurora Teagarden Mystereies. This series is one of my guilty little pleasures! And looking at this book sitting on my TBR pile was getting harder and harder every day until fate intervened and I was able to read it ahead of schedule.

In Aurora’s little Georgia town, everybody knows everybody and their Momma, and Aurora is enjoying her new husband, Robin Crusoe, true crime writer as well as keeping a secret that she and Robin have yet to share with the rest of the world.
Aurora’s half-brother, Phillip, who is 15, is now living with Aurora and Robin, having had enough of his own parents and their bad behavior. Being new in town hasn’t stopped Phillip from making friends. Good kids whose parents Aurora has known a long time.
Everything is going along more or less as planned until one day when Phillip doesn’t come home. Also gone are his two best friends and an 11 year old girl who was just catching a ride home with them.
Is this a kidnapping? Aurora knows it’s not a runaway situation and she isn’t going to let a little old thing like pregnancy get in the way of finding her brother and bringing him safely home.
As she asks herself how well does she really know the people she grew up with, the friends and families? Secrets just keep popping out of the proverbial bag and each one is worse than the last.
A great mystery! Excellent takes on bullying, alternate lifestyles and hope, love and respect as well as the lengths a parent will go to protect their child.

I have to say the editing of this book was very unlike her other books. There were some issues with the pregnancy and who was told when and a few other things that should have been easily caught!

But that said it was good to see Aurora again!