No More Excuses…Maybe…


While I have a great list of new cozy mysteries for you all, I can’t post them quite yet. So I’ll give you a Tale and a really good Tea recommendation as well! It’s Tazo Refresh Mint and it is really lovely!

Pretty much everyone knows I’ve been battling this blindness in  my left eye due to the infection from a contact lens. Since June 28, when I woke up blind and in pain, it has been a pain in my ass. Not literally, but you get it. For the first 3 months I couldn’t see anything and we were just focused on saving the eye. Well here we are almost 6 months later and my eye is healed. No more infection and as of today, no more meds. No more putting in 6 different drops every hour on the hour. I can go outside now. I have no pain now.

In January I will start the second leg of this journey by having 2 surgeries one right after the other. The first to remove the scar and the second, the corneal transplant. I have to admit I’m having a bit of concern over the transplant. I’ve had strange dreams about having other people’s body parts stuck onto my body. Stephen King type dreams.

Yesterday I was at my therapist office. The first time I’ve gone without sunglasses or the pirate patch, which I don’t need anymore, it’s just for fun now. So after 2 hours of me unloading on this poor guy, I asked him straight up, What was the first thing you noticed when I walked in? I was trying to judge how odd my eyeball looked but in a safe environment for me. His response? ” The first thing? Your boots.” I can’t tell you the relief I felt. So OU Boy and I went to the sandwich shop, again without my sunglasses. As we were picking up our order the girl behind the counter said, “Wow, I love your eyes”.

While I can look in the mirror 100 times a day,I still notice there is a slight difference, but now I know that other people just think one of my eyes is bluer than the other. After the surgeries they will be the same again. The point is now that I have feedback on the situation, I can no longer refuse to be social. And that sucks.  I would much rather stay on here with y’all and be entertained, educated, and just have some good conversations on tough topics, than go be social.

So today I have to do some soul searching and live in the real world instead of a book or here! Although I really don’t want to!



10 thoughts on “No More Excuses…Maybe…

  1. Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC, SCAC says:

    I had a college friend who had what people call “bug eyes” as the result of a childhood thyroid problem (and a scar on her neck that looked almost as if she had been assaulted). It was impossible NOT to notice them. At first.

    A bit later, when I was talking about an event JT. was sponsoring, the person I was speaking to wanted me to describe which one she was. ONLY once he said, “Is she the girl with the eyes?” did I recall that yes, that was certainly what people noticed first about her. Yet it didn’t even cross my mind as I attempted to identify her for my other friend. The fact that it took a couple of seconds for me to understand what he was talking about made me laugh.

    It was a lesson I will never forget.

    It didn’t take much time to get to the point where JT. turned inside out – her infectious sense of humor totally eclipsed ANY thoughts about what she looked like. Her lovely spirit shined so brightly that those of us who knew her much at all didn’t even REMEMBER her eyes, much less focus on them. Even today, I recall them so dimly I can’t bring up a picture in my mind.

    Don’t deprive your world – and yourself – of the community support we *all* have to offer. I wish I could have do-overs for the times I stayed home because something about my appearance wasn’t “ready.” I try not to do that anymore, and encourage you to be brave enough to give yourself the experience of what REALLY matters: friendship. You can SEE the world around you and are no longer in pain. Congratulations. Now, get out there and be your gift!!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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