Dear Santa, I’ve Been Naughty and I’d Like Some Shoes That Match That….

Blogmas Day 21..Winter is taking a break today, so it’s back to shorts and flip flops. Plus I found a handful of different sized safety pins in my robe pocket this morning. So I’m not sure what went on last night, but it would appear I needed to make repairs at some point.

Letters to Santa have certainly changed since I was a child and today I’m going to share my stash of weird, funny and lovely letters to Santa!  Enjoy!

Sent in by Claudia T. from Woodbridge, VA.Send us photos of yourself kids� letters to Santa!:                         cutest thing ever.:

Well Andrew, it looks as if you may have a future in Law/Manipulation, while I admire you being upfront with the bad behavior, stop making excuses for it! And Tommy, I’m calling BS because I know you and so does the big guy!

Funny Letters To Santa From Kids:                                      Okay this kid is AWESOME. The Happy Valentines Day totally threw me off haha, love it! :-):

Well Olivia thanks for all the phone numbers and all of your wishes for your family, but you really should not send old men your picture. As for you Elisha, Nice try Terry Maggert! No dragons for you.

The 21 Funniest Letters To Santa Ever #funny #letters #santa #christmas #holidays #notes #note #kid #kids #humor #comedy #hilarious:                            Kids Write The Funniest Letters To Santa - 20 images:

Sarah, is organized and likes her men to be gone before her alarm goes off. I like you Sarah.  As for Sofia, of course I will bring you a present. Looks like you could probably use a dictionary….

Letters to Santa:               funny-photos-of-funny-letters-to-santa-how-do-you-get-into-my-house.jpeg (650×353):

Well we obviously have some trust issues on the left, so let’s just tiptoe out of that house! Ah Evan, a boy after my own little heart…..first the reindeer are fine, your brother is not the devil, just a minor demon, as to your question….Magic!

Letter to Santa:   I see you Santa!  Good comeback!

I hope you laughed at these. Merry Christmas!  Happy Solstice!




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