Blogmas Day 22..Gingerbread and Stuff

xmastea8  Grab your cup of Gingerbread Tea and prepare to go Awww… I love looking at Gingerbread Houses. Now,  mind you I’m not making one. I don’t think Santa would like the words that start flying around the kitchen with that mess. Don’t even suggest it. I’m like a two year old whining, why????  Can’t we just buy one??

Here are some that I really enjoyed seeing however. I hope you enjoy them too!

xmastea2    xmastea5

The ones on the left are so sweet! The one on the right is the Capital building.

xmastea                            xmastea4

You all know I can not resist a pedestal with anything on it! But a tiny gingerbread house under glass and a gorgeous naked cake with a townhouse on the top? Seriously too much cuteness going on here!

xmastea1   The first time I saw these little gems was when a friend from England sent them to me. Not only that,  but she sourced and sent me the cookie cutouts for them! I mean really….there’s your sweet and your tea!

xmastea7   And let me leave you with a couple of recipes for tea. These are my two favorites.

I have so enjoyed the Blogmas Thingy, thank you to Lindsay over at  for showing it to me!

Merry Christmas to you all, and I’m off to vacation!  May this holiday be everything you want it to be!


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