The Tea Fairy Finally Shows Up!

The first thing I saw was this little gem from Ahmad Tea of London. This is the Lemon & Ginger Tea. The ingredients listed are Ginger, Lemongrass, Apple and White Hibiscus with some Quince and Lemon Peel. On opening the packet, there was a subtle aroma of lemon and ginger. Now my nose is a bit stuffy this week, so it can not be relied on right now.

So I let it steep for the 4 minutes and it was this lovely pale color. The taste was a tiny little explosion of ginger and lemon on my tongue!  I really enjoyed it. This is one I will definitely be getting again.


Here is a shot of all the goodies the Tea Fairy brought with her. My favorite Harney & Sons Earl Grey and my Tazo Zen and Passion and Green Ginger.Along with some Italian Macaroons.

This is last night when I was researching a new gun and having tea and the next thing I knew all of those macaroons were gone! Now in my own defense they were each smaller than an oreo and there were only 6! They were so good I almost wept as I savored each and every one.

Yes, I’m aware Prysa that I was supposed to share at Book Club/Coven Meeting, but I am not a saint and I wanted them all. And I am very grateful for them and I want to say Thank you to that wicked little tea fairy!


Much Love and Tea   xxPatricia


Rise And Shine Buttercup!


Hope you are having a great Sunday! Talking Happiness today. What makes you happy on a Sunday? Heading out to church? Visiting with your family?  Are you someone who is just happy no matter the situation? One thing I have learned is that you can not make someone else happy. You’re either a happy person or you aren’t. Lord knows I’ve tried to drag people kicking and screaming into Happy Town. Just can’t be done.

I could be a lot of things and heaven knows I have days where my anxiety gets the upper hand like yesterday. I actually went to Target. Walked every single aisle. Thought I was going to lose it for a moment or two but I hung in there. When I got home I was pretty stressed but chose to focus on the fact that I saw a lot of pink sparkly things there and that I was happy about.

Even if it’s just a toe at first, step out of your comfort zone once and awhile. You can always pull it back in and call it exercise!

Loveand Tea!   xxP

Let’s Just Stay In Bed!

Hello Weekend! I have moved from the bed to the bathtub and back to bed.  I’ve had my tea and done some online shopping and honestly that is it since Amazon Books and Victoria’s Secret now have all of my budget for the month.

We were discussing being thankful, grateful, kind and just a nice person last night at Book Club/ Wine Club, and Samantha Jane updated us on her week of the Thank You experiment. She was happy to report that 100% of the people she came into contact with had met her eyes and smiled at least. Good Job SJ!

Next up was Prysa. This is a difficult challenge for Prysa, because she doesn’t really like but maybe 3 people at any one time. Her motto is Eyes on the Ground! But good for her for trying. She said Thank You to everyone who helped her spend her alimony money and she actually looked a barista in the eye when she ordered her Skinny Vanilla Latte’ with Soy. The only downside was when she told her neighbor to turn his mother f***ing music down and see a doctor about his obvious hearing problem. Ouch…..

Laurell didn’t even try to be nice, but she brings the wine, so we let her blather on about Trump and how she hopes California exits the U.S. like Britain. Then she just passed out on the sofa and we left her there.

So all in all I think we shall keep trying until all of us are in compliance. (Laurell).

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Patricia


Here’s To Us! Raise Your Glass!

Hello all of you beautiful people! It is Friday, which means nothing to me. It’s been a long week with lots of changes, fears and sighing. Yes, a lot of deep sighing. And it looks like we came through this first week intact. Maybe barely, but intact.

I see all of these strong women standing up for all of us. Saying to men in power that these are our bodies and they need to stay out of that business. Saying that we will not tolerate hate of another human being because they don’t fit into our mold. I am proud my mother raised 4 daughters that are able to think and speak for themselves. And this week I’m especially thankful to my sisters who work for the government. What a week they have had.

So today, while you are popping over to Lindsay’s Engagement Party Meet and Greet, raise a glass and raise it high….Here’s To Us!



Now On: Engagement Party Meet And Greet!

Oh my goodness, Lindsay is getting married!!! Hop on over and say Congratulations, have some Champs and get to know this beautiful lady!


Thank you for coming! I’m so glad you could make it. Grab a glass of sparkling wine or juice and mingle away.

Image result for canapes and drinks

Just a bit of background about how Mr and I met:

We met in November of 2011 at the office kitchen where we were warming up our lunches. He initiated contact with a friendly “Hello” and we took it from there. I just started a Twitter account, where he Direct Messaged me for a few days until we met for breakfast, which turned into a game of putt putt and late lunch. He told me that he had a daughter and I told him how old I was at the time and he thought I was too young for him. By the end of the date I was convinced that the date went well, but we wouldn’t see each other again. Well needless to say, we continued to…

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Sprinkle Liberally With Kindness

I love that quote from Mr. Twain. We are still over here tossing kindness around like beads at Mardi Gras!  The experiment that we are participating in has few rules, well not real rules,more like guidelines… Look everyone you meet in the eye and hold it for a second. Smile and say Hello, or Thanks, or Cute shoes. Everyone loves compliments and most of us aren’t very good at accepting them.

It’s not that hard to just say Thank You, and go about your business, smiling inside because someone noticed you. They really saw you. There was a human connection made. And it made you feel less alone, less scared, it made you feel.

I have a packed schedule for the rest of this month but I read your blogs, and I learn, I laugh, I covet my fellow bloggers food pictures like porn! So today know that to me you matter. I care. And Thank You!



Grab A Cup, We’re Going To War!


Well a cup of tea may not solve everything, but then neither will a glass of scotch!

The tea stock around here is getting awfully low, which means a trip to the internet to order some tea. Which is dangerous for me. It’s like shoes…I want them all. And lots of them! And oh, did you see that cute strainer and of course I really need that pink polka dotted teapot too.

In the meantime I have declared open war on the ants that are invading my office. I don’t eat in here, there is nothing for you in here, so you must die. I am sorry but not being able to see you clearly is really messing with my fragile brain and I can’t keep jumping 5 feet in the air everytime I think an ant is on my leg, when it’s usually just the carpet.

So you are all going to die. Bigly and Beautifully, and really bigly!


Enjoy your tea today! And if you have any ant solutions please feel free to let me in on them!

xx Patricia

You Are The Fairest Of Them All Nurse Toni!

We survived Monday by the skin of our teeth! Ended up spending hours at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Which is not a place you want to be if you have anxiety issues. I was cool for the first four hours and after that not so much.

When the nurse said the people in the hall all had the flu and that the hospital was full of flu patients I paused.  A heart hospital I thought? Really? Well then I will see you all later.

So I’m not overly proud of abandoning the patient, but I’m trying to stay well for this corneal transplant and I am not going down with some flu. So I called my driver and left in a quick hurry!

I would like to say Thank you to Nurse Toni, who not only understood my panic but walked me to the front door and waited until my driver got there. I would have hugged her but I wasn’t willing to bet on her sterility.

xx Patricia


It’s National Pie Day! Now Who Knows How to Make a Pie??

Hope everyone has recovered from the week end and all of the drama that came with it. I think maybe we all need to take a step back and take a breath. I thought I knew the  people I grew up with, at least I thought I knew them. I did not. I have read more vile and disgusting things this week end and I’m just going to stick with the BBC for news coverage from now on. And while I am not going to delete you because we disagree, I will delete you if you are posting hate filled, name calling, junior high mess on my FB feed. My Momma reads that and she has enough on her plate being stuck up in the frozen tundra that is North Dakota!

So have a seat, grab some tea and let’s talk about pie…just a suggestion. It is Pie Day I am told and I will buy any excuse to eat pie.  I also expect some of you to post some yummy food posts today as well as what you all did or did not do this weekend!




tea & crumpets by Margaret M. Johnson

Recipes and Rituals from European Tearooms and Cafes.


Curious armchair travelers, nostalgic food excursionists, and inventive home entertainers will adore this tour of Europe’s legendary tearooms and salons. A delicious culinary and cultural experience as well as a treasure trove of recipes from top-notch destinations, this little gem lets readers in on the rituals of taking tea. Recipes like the Ritz’s cucumber sandwiches, Claridge’s famous raisin and apple scones, or chocolate scones from Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel, as well as color photographs of tasty tea fare and European teahouses, bring the charm of afternoon tea to anyone’s home.

Whether it is detailing the history of Twinings or the history of my favorite place Laduree, Ms. Johnson has put together some of the best Tearooms and Cafe’s throughout Europe.

This book is beautiful. The pictures, the history and the recipes. I have tried a lot of these recipes and I can honestly say they are all baker friendly. And I love that she puts the addresses to tea rooms and a great resource section also.

I can’t pick a favorite but I am determined to work my way through the entire book!

May your day be easy and enjoy a cuppa today! Like now!

XX Patricia