Tea Sommelier by Gabriella Lombardi

  With photography by Fabio Petroni

Like fine wine, good tea is a gastronomic delicacy that possesses a deliciously wide range of aromas and flavors. And, just like an excellent wine guide, this richly illustrated volume initiates drinkers into the art of tasting, making, and serving. A careful examination of 50 grand cru teas—including some of the best-known varieties available—will give drinkers a new appreciation of what goes into a cup. A selection of exclusive recipes, along with advice on pairing tea and food, completes this gorgeous book—a must-have for anyone who savors this ancient beverage.

The photographs alone are reason to have this in your collection. But it’s so much more than the photos. The information and suggestions on food and tea pairings along with tons of information any tea enthusiast will appreciate.

This is probably the best put together book I’ve seen in a long time.

Image result for tea sommelier book  Image result for tea sommelier book

I hope you check it out. This was a gift and I don’t plan on sharing it!

Have a great one and don’t forget to stop for your cup of tea!

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