Where Is That Darn Tea Fairy?☕


Well the Tea Fairy has decided it is too cold to come out so we are on our own. Hot Chai Latte sounds perfect! Even though it is cold and not just cold but raining, it’s eerily beautiful in the stillness and fog. Today I am loving life and all if you lovely people!❤

xxP ☕☕📖

10 thoughts on “Where Is That Darn Tea Fairy?☕

  1. anne leueen says:

    Hmmm….too cold for the tea fairy. That is a disappointment. I used to wonder where the ironing fairy had gone to when there was laundry in need of ironing but I’m over that now. But the tea fairy gone missing would be a Big Deal in my life.

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  2. C. J. Hartwell says:

    The deer and bunny are adorable.
    We used to have one dog that adored the snow and another that just suffered it as long as she had to, then wanted back in immediately. We had to take turns which one of us would stay outside to play with Gypsy, while the other got to go inside with Scout! ☃

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