Grab A Cup, We’re Going To War!


Well a cup of tea may not solve everything, but then neither will a glass of scotch!

The tea stock around here is getting awfully low, which means a trip to the internet to order some tea. Which is dangerous for me. It’s like shoes…I want them all. And lots of them! And oh, did you see that cute strainer and of course I really need that pink polka dotted teapot too.

In the meantime I have declared open war on the ants that are invading my office. I don’t eat in here, there is nothing for you in here, so you must die. I am sorry but not being able to see you clearly is really messing with my fragile brain and I can’t keep jumping 5 feet in the air everytime I think an ant is on my leg, when it’s usually just the carpet.

So you are all going to die. Bigly and Beautifully, and really bigly!


Enjoy your tea today! And if you have any ant solutions please feel free to let me in on them!

xx Patricia

17 thoughts on “Grab A Cup, We’re Going To War!

  1. northernteaist says:

    The little blighters were coming in under our balcony door in droves, much to the amusement of our cat.

    Because said feline has a tendency to eat absolutely anything, we had to look for a natural solution to the problem, and after a fair bit of experimentation we found that cinnamon powder work very well.

    If you’re lucky enough to have an Indian/Pakistani supermarket nearby you can score for large bags relatively cheaply, meaning you can give all the ants’ access points a liberal coating… πŸ™‚

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  2. Mozer G. says:

    How are your beautiful office guests? You murdered them all? I bet they have documentaries about your genocide… whatever, you just made me in the mood of tea, like whenever I read any of your posts I get this strange urge for tea. And I’m not a tea guy … cheers

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