Sprinkle Liberally With Kindness

I love that quote from Mr. Twain. We are still over here tossing kindness around like beads at Mardi Gras!  The experiment that we are participating in has few rules, well not real rules,more like guidelines… Look everyone you meet in the eye and hold it for a second. Smile and say Hello, or Thanks, or Cute shoes. Everyone loves compliments and most of us aren’t very good at accepting them.

It’s not that hard to just say Thank You, and go about your business, smiling inside because someone noticed you. They really saw you. There was a human connection made. And it made you feel less alone, less scared, it made you feel.

I have a packed schedule for the rest of this month but I read your blogs, and I learn, I laugh, I covet my fellow bloggers food pictures like porn! So today know that to me you matter. I care. And Thank You!



9 thoughts on “Sprinkle Liberally With Kindness

  1. Jennie says:

    Thanks, Patricia! There’s nothing better than a smile or a thank you. I find myself doing this in random random situations that deserve a little act of kindness. Funny thing- I feel as good as the person to whom I gave a little kindness.

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