Here’s To Us! Raise Your Glass!

Hello all of you beautiful people! It is Friday, which means nothing to me. It’s been a long week with lots of changes, fears and sighing. Yes, a lot of deep sighing. And it looks like we came through this first week intact. Maybe barely, but intact.

I see all of these strong women standing up for all of us. Saying to men in power that these are our bodies and they need to stay out of that business. Saying that we will not tolerate hate of another human being because they don’t fit into our mold. I am proud my mother raised 4 daughters that are able to think and speak for themselves. And this week I’m especially thankful to my sisters who work for the government. What a week they have had.

So today, while you are popping over to Lindsay’s Engagement Party Meet and Greet, raise a glass and raise it high….Here’s To Us!



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