Now On: Engagement Party Meet And Greet!

Oh my goodness, Lindsay is getting married!!! Hop on over and say Congratulations, have some Champs and get to know this beautiful lady!


Thank you for coming! I’m so glad you could make it. Grab a glass of sparkling wine or juice and mingle away.

Image result for canapes and drinks

Just a bit of background about how Mr and I met:

We met in November of 2011 at the office kitchen where we were warming up our lunches. He initiated contact with a friendly “Hello” and we took it from there. I just started a Twitter account, where he Direct Messaged me for a few days until we met for breakfast, which turned into a game of putt putt and late lunch. He told me that he had a daughter and I told him how old I was at the time and he thought I was too young for him. By the end of the date I was convinced that the date went well, but we wouldn’t see each other again. Well needless to say, we continued to…

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