Let’s Just Stay In Bed!

Hello Weekend! I have moved from the bed to the bathtub and back to bed.  I’ve had my tea and done some online shopping and honestly that is it since Amazon Books and Victoria’s Secret now have all of my budget for the month.

We were discussing being thankful, grateful, kind and just a nice person last night at Book Club/ Wine Club, and Samantha Jane updated us on her week of the Thank You experiment. She was happy to report that 100% of the people she came into contact with had met her eyes and smiled at least. Good Job SJ!

Next up was Prysa. This is a difficult challenge for Prysa, because she doesn’t really like but maybe 3 people at any one time. Her motto is Eyes on the Ground! But good for her for trying. She said Thank You to everyone who helped her spend her alimony money and she actually looked a barista in the eye when she ordered her Skinny Vanilla Latte’ with Soy. The only downside was when she told her neighbor to turn his mother f***ing music down and see a doctor about his obvious hearing problem. Ouch…..

Laurell didn’t even try to be nice, but she brings the wine, so we let her blather on about Trump and how she hopes California exits the U.S. like Britain. Then she just passed out on the sofa and we left her there.

So all in all I think we shall keep trying until all of us are in compliance. (Laurell).

Have a lovely weekend!

xx Patricia


5 thoughts on “Let’s Just Stay In Bed!

  1. C. J. Hartwell says:

    Haha! Poor Prysa!
    The tea photo made me think of Dutch Bros. My daughter loves them so we often go, but I never thought to try their tea until last winter. It was fantastic so I checked the bag – it was Harney & Sons Paris. Took awhile but I finally found a local shop that sold it. Makes a great iced tea too! Yummy!

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