Rise And Shine Buttercup!


Hope you are having a great Sunday! Talking Happiness today. What makes you happy on a Sunday? Heading out to church? Visiting with your family?  Are you someone who is just happy no matter the situation? One thing I have learned is that you can not make someone else happy. You’re either a happy person or you aren’t. Lord knows I’ve tried to drag people kicking and screaming into Happy Town. Just can’t be done.

I could be a lot of things and heaven knows I have days where my anxiety gets the upper hand like yesterday. I actually went to Target. Walked every single aisle. Thought I was going to lose it for a moment or two but I hung in there. When I got home I was pretty stressed but chose to focus on the fact that I saw a lot of pink sparkly things there and that I was happy about.

Even if it’s just a toe at first, step out of your comfort zone once and awhile. You can always pull it back in and call it exercise!

Loveand Tea!   xxP

15 thoughts on “Rise And Shine Buttercup!

  1. flyingthroughwater says:

    Well Sunday is football day in this house. This past one…not so much and only one more left. Sigh. At least my team is playing this Sunday and THAT makes me happy. 🙂

    Good job on sticking it out with Target and your anxiety. Well done. ❤ I have a post coming up today about something similar. ❤

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