“I Had a Little Tea Party…”

Another gorgeous day of no shoes!  I think winter forgot us. I hope so at least.

The Kindess Project is moving along really well. I was conflicted yesterday. It had been 2 weeks since my Corneal Surgeon had said his scheduler would call and I hadn’t heard anything and my anxiety level was rising quickly. So I used social media to get their attention and next thing I know I have a surgery appointment and have already spoken to everyone involved, incuding the anesthesiologist! I was extremely Grateful! And told them so several times. Funny thing, they say no one ever thanks them. How can this be? They hold your eyeball in their hands!! Thank you is the least I would do for them!

The Book Club is reading two Lynn Cahoon cozy mysteries back to back and trying to meet that deadline. Samantha Jane is really good with keeping us on track and bringing refreshments. We have finished the first book and are enjoying the second one. Thank goodness her mysteries have strong female leads. Prysa is a snob that way. We don’t argue with her because she does martial arts. But she also held the door for an elderly man yesterday so we are making strides!

Today I will be strong. I will be brave. I will not let Anxiety lead me down the dark rabbit hole where it holds court. I got this. We have got this! We are strong and resourceful women who come from strong southern Mommas . Ya Ya on Momma!

xx Patricia   Enjoy your tea and Be Kind. Be Grateful. Be You!

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