Dear Saturday, You Really Are My Favorite…

Happy Saturday y’all! We are expecting temps around 86 degrees today so other than hauling myself to Bath and Body to use my coupon today, it’s an outside day. I think I may be past the worst of this bug thingy. Poor Tommy made homemade pizza and I barfed it all back up into his salad bowl. Not my finest moment, I admit. I was going to cook something but I looked at my nice clean kitchen and that fizzled.

Talking about our continuing Kindness Commitment, my neighbor had hip replacement surgery a couple of weeks ago so yesterday when I swept my porch, I went and swept hers too. We get a ton of wind here in OKC and those leaves were skittering across all of our porches. The key is to sweep in the direction of the wind. When you live with anxiety just going to someone elses porch is a little iffy. I want to do something nice but I don’t want anyone to come out and talk to me. Make sense? Well, I got away just fine and was safely in my own house and back to being sickly.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Β I’ve already read several good blogs for Valentine ideas and hoping y’all have some more today!

xx Tea And Kindness Β  Β P

14 thoughts on “Dear Saturday, You Really Are My Favorite…

  1. 3sistersabroad says:

    I think we beat you all in the temps…over 100 deg F here in Shepparton where I live. every day this week past..however this morning a nice cool change has blown in, so refreshing. Where i used to live we would find wonderful surprises on our doorstep all the time. Tomatoes , herbs, jams. When we were moving the neighbor who was doing all of this, would bring over biscuits, meals etc. When I am out I often pay it forward for others to have a coffee/cake etc .


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