Monday is Not Fun Day. Nope.😷


Still sick and really tired of it. And I ran out of coffee this morning. So I’m whining. Yep. I am. Me and an entire box of Tazo Zen Tea. I believe we will be deeply committed for a few more days at least.

Everyone is talking Valentine’s Day. Not me. I haven’t celebrated that holiday since I started giving birth on it. And marrying people whose birthday is on it.

So when everyone is asking tomorrow what I got for V Day…a baby boy, 10 hours of labor with no drugs and a husband (now ex) who kept asking me to ‘Keep it down a bit’. Meaning my screaming for drugs or a vacum because I was dying. I obviously did not die. But when the nurse came in with the baby and asked if I wanted to keep him in my room I did ask her if that wasn’t what she got paid to do.😰😰😰

xx ❀

18 thoughts on “Monday is Not Fun Day. Nope.😷

  1. 3sistersabroad says:

    Valentines Day…a day for very expensive flowers, chocolate…and expensive dinners. I don’t celebrate it….Here in Australia the day is heart day for children born with heart problems…So take the day to enjoy you…nice tea, chocolate….your favorite tv show….

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  2. Rachel says:

    I’ll have you know I sent Erin back to the nursery one night because I was so tired. I just wanted that one last night of sleep lol I am working at the flower shop this year and today was 14 hours, but I am always happy to help people with their gestures of love in Floral form….as long as we don’t run out of the coffee.

    Feel better soon, lady! Love you!
    P. S. Erin is 17 today o_O time sure does fly.

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