Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Tea! And Sweets!


Yesterday was a great day for Tea and all things Tea related!

I got this lovely Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Tea. If you aren’t familiar with Taylor’s you should get familiar with them. I absolutely love this brand and all of their teas, which have been recently re-packaged into the lovely black and gold. The sachets themselves are lovely. No staples, an almost silk like sachet and perfectly wonderful.

I’ve been looking for a really good organic chamomile, as I have allergies, so not all teas work for me. This one does and I am so happy to have received this lovely gift!

Some History:

We are a family business based in the historic spa town of Harrogate, England – devoted to the craft of outstanding tea and coffee. We do things properly, without shortcuts, showing care and respect to everyone along the way – from the people who grow it to the people who drink it. Since 1886, when our founder Charles Taylor sold his first pack of tea, that’s been right at the heart of our company, and we think it shows.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It rained all day here. But the postman brought all kinds of goodies. The Italians sent Macaroons and several other sweet treats, the Brits were close behind with enough tea for months and a lovely cup plus biscuits!

The sick are hopefully getting well again. I swear that pu-erh tea can heal anyone!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy your tea!



7 thoughts on “Taylor’s of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Tea! And Sweets!

  1. anne leueen says:

    Good to know the ailing are getting well again. I am about to put my husband onto some Holy Basil tea as he is feeling half a bubble off trim! Usually means there is some virus waiting in the wings for him. Or maybe I should get some pu-ehr .

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