Rainy Days and Sundays Always Make Me Happy!


Yep I know that’s not how the song goes but this is my truth so I’m going with it. This allergy/bug thing has outlasted it’s welcome, which for inquiring minds was 24 hours.

Apparantly I am becoming cranky. OU Boy just called and I told him thank you for turning off my ceiling fan this morning. I love it at night but not in the morning. I told him I used my nice morning voice but because I feel so bad, inside my head I was saying Turn off the fucking fan! Yeah, he says, that wasn’t in your head. That came out of your mouth.

I have every medication I can think of. Some I don’t want ( cough drops ) and some I will swig like the sailor I am (Nyquil). I think I threatened someone for offering to bring more stuff over. If Nyquil can’t fix it, I don’t think Sudafed is going to and I also don’t want to have to show ID to buy meds. I did ask OU Boy about street drugs. Only because when I went to the surgeon’s office they asked if I did street drugs. Is that like antibiotics? No it is not.

Today I am going to be super kind to myself! Yep, we are going to make a big cup of Chai Tea and the bottle of Nyquil Severe ( yes that is a thing) and we are going back to bed. And by we I mean me. My friends know better than stick so much as a pinky toe in here right now. Unless they are bringing Tomato Basil Soup from Basil’s Cafe. ( That is a hint….)

xxP Β  Love yourself today and have some fun! And thanks for letting me whine.

17 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Sundays Always Make Me Happy!

  1. annjekins says:

    I’m like you if NyQuil can’t fix it.. I don’t know what can.. I don’t even use the measuring cup, last time I just sipped on it through the night..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. hope you’re feeling better..😊

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