Yes, I’m Positive!


Positivity!  The word of the week over here. Surgery is Thursday, today is OU Boy’s Birthday, and his Uncle Richard is having major surgery today, which we were told not to expect too much from. After having every nurse possible call me over the past few days to make sure I had picked up the meds they called in for post-op and also to make sure that someone will be there the entire time. They can’t leave at all I was told. Yeah, I don’t think he is going anywhere.  Once again we got to the point in the conversation this morning where the nurse asked if I had any questions. For the first time, I did!  ‘Is this going to hurt?’  ‘Do you mean during the surgery or after?’ ‘Well, I’m hoping not during….right? I mean I’ll be out…right?’ ‘Oh yes, she says, and after there may be discomfort but no one has ever said they were in pain.’

So I guess I shall make a cake today. Yes, I will positively  make a cake today! And I am positive it will be delicious.  I’m positive we will have a good outcome for Uncle Richard.

And I am positive it will all work out for the best. Now I have to go send Kelley over at kelleysdiy  a picture so she can “help” me re-do some old tables! When I can see again!

xx Patricia

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