I Spy With My Own Little Eye….You!

It is so good to see you! After 9 months of no vision in that left eye, I finally got to see my eye and see through it! I thank you all for your well wishes. They made all the difference. Of this I am sure. So grab your cup of tea and I shall tell you a tale!

Every one knows that I have been seriously anxious about this Corneal Transplant. I don’t think I ate for the 3 days before. I almost fell flat on my face in the parking lot of the hospital! I don’t even know people who are up and dressed at 5 a.m.!  It is not my time of day.

Luckily I was scheduled first for surgery Thursday. This would be a first for OU Boy. Waiting for someone to come out of surgery. I’ve waited on him more times than I can count with his heart, but he’s never had to be on that end. He didn’t do well. especially when everyone who went in to surgery after me came out a long time before me.


He tried to take pictures, most of which I shut down quickly. A drugged up Pirate is not something anyone should see or hear. This picture was in pre-op. The poor nurse dug around in my veins trying to find one that she could use. She did apologize and tell me I would have a nasty bruise there. First oddity: I did not have a single bruise there or on the arm she eventually stuck. Nope not one bruise or pin prick. ( This is important).

She was the only female I saw there. When I went back to the O.R. they had some nice jazz on and it was quiet until my anesthesiologist came in and said in a creepy voice ‘Welcome to Dr. Davis’s Lair’. Okay. ‘Now, just lay down and make sure your head is inside the form. and I’m going to be right here and you’ll be asleep before your head hits the pillow’. The last thing I remember  hearing was ‘ We’re going to have to restrain your hands’. Say Whaaat? I mean there were 4 men in there and I don’t know them like that.

But apparantly I got extremely fidgety during the surgery and they had to give me more sleep stuff. Which I would buy like Michael Jackson if I could! That is some great stuff and you don’t remember a thing.

24 hours after surgery my stitches had already started healing, which they could not believe.  For the first time in all these months, I got to see my eye. Now, we all know that the cornea is clear. And they have no explaination why my left eye is now a really dark blue. I also passed the vision test! My doctors are very happy. I thanked them profusely for sticking a needle into my eye. Answer?  ‘That’s the least thing we did to that eye!’

I don’t need to know any more thank you. So here we are home and safe with what looks like a sports cup for a newborn over my left eye. It stays. According to my doctor, those sutures are the only thing keeping your eye together right now.  No sneezing, crying, coughing, bending over, lifting over 8 pounds, touching, rubbing, wetting or lying on my left side. I am back on the steroid and antibiotic drops for a few months. I’m tired, sore, and more blessed than I have a right to be. Why? I like to say healing is my superpower, but I am aware that all of your prayers, positive thoughts and wishes and love brought me through this and I am grateful.

As for the Anxiety Troll….right before surgery my blood pressure was 110 over 56. So take that anxiety. I won!

xx Patricia  surgery3





40 thoughts on “I Spy With My Own Little Eye….You!

  1. northernteaist says:

    I know what you mean about those meds!

    I once went under the knife for a spot of knee work, and they gave me three squishy capsules to swallow before I was taken down to theater. Each one had the effect of a half bottle of vodka! The time from “Is it too late to change my mind about this?” to “Remind me again Mr. Sulu, which planet are we currently orbiting” was approximately 12 minutes.

    Mr. “Don’t Like Needles” here was giggling like an idiot when they were sticking one the size of a bazooka into my arm, even encouraging them with “left a bit…right a bit…FIRE!”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. flyingthroughwater says:

    This is wonderful to read. I’m with you..I wouldn’t want to know anymore than I needed to. 🙂 I had surgery once and I remember the anesthesiologist said…I can explain everything that I’m doing and all the ins and outs of what it all means and what can happen if you like, or you can trust me to do my job and I can just get to it? I said…get to it. 😉

    Here’s to speedy recovery!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Quick question: Does your ability to see make me look fat? lol I’m SO glad it all went well and that you’re healing so quickly! And you really did smack down the Anxiety Troll!
    I am a bit surprised you were worried about being tied down in a room with four men. That’s kind of a fantasy of mine! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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