The Tea Fairy Finally Arrives…


I was noticing this morning that the Tea Fairy stopped by sometime yesterday and left me some English Breakfast tea. Thank goodness! I made french press coffee yesterday and while I do like a cup occasionally, it is a bit much for my tummy. So once again there is peace in the kingdom.

Since the wind wasn’t too awful late afternoon I went out. This is the time of year when all the seedlings are out and I want one of everything. I only needed some mint but I smelled every herb and just noticed what a miracle this little mint plant was. Someone placed a tiny seed in some good soil and although it took some time that little seed struggled through the dark soil and emerged as something entirely different than the tiny seed. Just like we do. We all struggle. Not with the same things, but still we struggle in the dark places and hopefully soon we burst through into the glorious sunshine smiling. Stronger and completely different than we were when we were plunged into the dark.

Slow down today and look for the small miracles all around us. And for goodness sake, have a cup of Tea!

Tea Time

xx Patricia


As Blue As Blue Can Be…


Good Morning! Well storm season has officially arrived. Last night the worst stayed south of us but we lost power and woke up to a 4.4 earthquake. Seriously Oklahoma, we need to talk about pacing! You can’t throw all the action into one day and night. Spread some of that love over Kentucky’s way.

I overdid things yesterday. And now I’m back to wearing the gauze and the eye cup. What did I do? I cried. I bawled like a baby getting a shot! Sobbed. I knew I shouldn’t do it. I tried hard not to but I needed a good cry. You know? Sometimes you just need one. Or am I alone in that?

A good strong cup of Pu-erh set everything right eventually. Some people from the Weather Channel died in Texas yesterday evening. Those deaths we take very hard here.

Have a great day while I go close my eyes and follow orders. (hahahahah)

xx Patricia yellow7

Off The Eaten Path by Morgan Murphy

Image result for off the eaten path

Southern Living presents Off the Eaten Path by Morgan Murphy. Favorite Southern Dives, and 150 recipes that made them famous.

17 states across the South and the dives and the food that made us fall in love with them.. Along with a few signature dishes from each place, Morgan gives us addresses, phone numbers and even GPS coordinates. As well as some interesting local attractions to check out.

I love this book. and after doing a vegan post yesterday, I was asked to do this one by someone who doesn’t eat anything unless it moos, clucks or oinks. Preferably with a Mason jar of sweet tea and a lot of cream gravy. So this one is for you.

I have pretty much been to all of these places! My favorite will always be The Dinner Bell in McComb, Mississippi. all the food is home made and southern. We all sit at a big table with people we don’t even know and the lazy susan style table is piled high with greens, macaroni and cheese, biscuits, fried chicken and pies to die for.

OU boy is not just a fan of the Chicken Fried Steak and Cream Gravy, I personally believe that if you cut him he would bleed gravy and sweet tea.

Have you eaten at any of these spots? What was your favorite?

This one is available at your library probably. If it is you should really get it! Food and travel, what tops that?

xx Patricia   Happy Eating!

But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! by Kristy Turner


There are a lot of Vegan cook books out there. Besides Thug Kitchen and The Happy Herbivore which I use on a regular basis. I found this book last week and was pleasantly surprised at the variety and the ease of the recipes.

There is something for the pickiest of eaters here. One of my things is Soy. I don’t do well with soy, and was glad to see so many recipes that don’t use Tofu or pretend meat. The dishes are filling, they are pretty, and they are good for you.

I stopped trying to convert everyone to a plant based diet a while back. Personally I only eat plants. No meat, dairy, sugar or flour. I do eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, greens and lots of Tea! It started as a way to control the painful flare ups of my Crohn’s Disease and now I can’t imagine eating any other way. I simply adapt recipes to my own needs. At first I thought I would have to give up baking, but there is an alternative to pretty much any ingredient and when I want to be creative, I bake and give it away. Especially Cupcakes.

If you are eating to live rather than living to eat, take a look at this one! And if you are into the Vegan Bowl thingy I’ve got you covered on that tomorrow!

xx Patricia   Be Kind To Yourself and Your Tummy!

What Makes You Happy?


What makes you happy? Are you happy all of the time? Or do you ping pong back and forth? Everything in these pictures makes me smile. Makes me happy. Order makes me happy. When everything is in its place, I’m happy. When all of my relationships are sailing forward just right, I’m happy.

I am big on order and schedules and lists. Organization makes me happy. Reading what projects all of you crafters are coming up with  makes me happy. Hearing how Cynthia’s doing creating an entire house makes me happy. Seeing what goodies Bern is baking up and reading posts that I can relate to on anxiety, life, fashion,and of course food.

I am not allowed outside if it is windy. This is Oklahoma people…really? So you all keep me company, inspire me, let me know I’m not the only one going through shit!

So Thank You All and for everyone in the UK, Happy Mother’s Day!!

xx Patricia yellow3

Happy Saturday…let’s Chat…


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the word love. And how loose we’ve become with that word. On Social Media especially. We like/love posts, pictures and friends work. We say Love you as we hang up the phone or say good bye. But by saying it so casually has it taken away the true meaning of it? I think it has. I am the worst about loving stuff on line.

Love has a meaning and shouldn’t be thrown around so casually. After having a long chat with the tub faucet this morning about this subject, I was wondering, how exactly do I know if I really Love something or someone?

I was reminded of a conversation a friend and I have had while watching a movie. Would you take a bullet for them? Me personally, there is only one person I would do that for. Would I be gutted if this person was not in my life? Yeah, again, just the one person. Would I grieve the loss of the relationship? Probably not. So yes, maybe I overuse the word. I like a lot of things, a lot of people and places.

I am going to try really hard to stop saying love when I mean something else. Instead of saying ‘I loved your photos!’, I could say ‘ Your photos made me smile! Thanks!’ I would also like to say thank you to Skipah (over  Here ) for letting me bend his ear and giving me his most valuable wisdom!

Have a Great Day!       xx  Patricia


Buttercream Dreams by Jeff Martin

Image result for Buttercream Dreams: Small Cakes, Big Scoops, and Sweet Treats

This little gem of a book from Jeff Martin who is the  creator of the hugely successful Smallcakes. Jeff has appeared on Cupcake Wars and if you remember the one where the baker forgot to put in the pumpkin in his pumpkin cupcakes, yes, that would be him!

Jeff tells us his story of stating his business and how his business came about and gives us some delicious recipes!

That Pumpkin Cupcake with Cardamom Buttercream is included in the book and it is a party in your mouth!  The French Toast and Bacon Cupcake is another of my favorites.

You will find recipes for cupcakes, small cakes, big scoops and lots of other sweet treats.  The recipes are very easy to understand and make.


These are my 3 favorites. And this is one of my  favorite books for delicious and home made cakes!  With a cup of tea in the afternoon, any of these is a treat!

Give it a look and see what you think! Since wedding season is almost upon us, this would be a great shower gift!

xx Patricia  fridaytea2


Good Morning Starshine!🌞


It has been a rough week! A multiple cups of tea week. First I wanted to say to all of my lovely friends in the UK that I am so sorry for the horrible act of terror in London. We are with you in our hearts.

This has been a rough week for some family members and friends and I wish time would stop for just a minute so I can process everything. But time doesn’t do that does it?

On the plus side I scored some really good homemade herbal tea. Lemon and Ginger goodness! Have a cup and say a little prayer for the world!☕☕📖

Every Day We’re Hustling!😎


Spring has arrived!🌷And we are over here hustling away. There are seedlings to get ready for their new homes. Chicks that need tending. And windows that need cleaning! Time to sweep the darkness of winter out of our home.

Spring fever is here. Oh I did do the macarons yesterday. 20170319_161602

They aren’t here any longer…must be that darn Tea Fairy!☕🌷