No Matter The Problem, Compassion Is Always The Answer


The word of the day is Compassion. As the dictionary says, Compassion is sympathy and concern for the suffering of others. For those of you who don’t know, a Dictionary is a big book with all the words in it, along with their meanings and uses. And that is known as sarcasm. 

Are you a compassionate person? Genuinely compassionate? There is a lot of lip service out there whenever someone posts on FB that they are going through a difficult time or death in the family. Hundreds of comments saying Praying for You. But are you? Are you stopping what you are doing and actually being quiet and saying, (whichever God you believe in) Jane needs your help and I’m asking you to help her.

Today begins the season of Lent. A time to check yourself. Do a thorough house cleaning of your mind, body and soul. Make sure your motives are pure and your concern genuine. Of course it is also a time when we “give up” something. As kids we always wanted to give up Liver and Onions, except for MJ, she loves that crap. But no, it had to be something that meant something. About 10 years ago I gave up Coke and all carbonated beverages. I was so addicted to that morning Coke with peanuts stuffed in it. But you know what? I haven’t had one since.

I don’t like things owning me. That is what addiction is. Whether it’s sweet tea or meth, it has got you. I would toss anxiety in there, but it’s more of a parasite. This year I’m letting go of grudges. Yes, I am. If you have pissed me off at some point, it’s over. Done. You are forgiven and so am I. Let it go.

And my focus during this time is going to be on Compassion. Making it a verb. An Action. And to be in the moment while I am doing it. Words without action mean nothing.

xx Patricia  feb9


25 thoughts on “No Matter The Problem, Compassion Is Always The Answer

  1. C. J. Hartwell says:

    Beautiful post for Ash Wednesday, simply perfect. The phrase “You will never regret being kind” really speaks to me. How true that is! Even when I was kind to someone who didn’t deserve it, maybe especially so.

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  2. Tamara Kulish says:

    Compassion. Being truthful and having integrity. Forgiving. Doing not just saying.

    These are all powerful!

    One thing I’ve been working very hard on is to release the negativity… not responding to an article or post when it flies against everything I believe in… just not adding to that negative energy! Even dissent adds to the energy, making it more tangible and fearsome! By just not responding? Well, it takes my little bit of wind out of their sails!

    Instead I’ve been practicing to be mindfully positive! Choose positive thoughts and words, for this leads to inner peace!

    Peace to you all!

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  3. selflessselfie99 says:

    It’s easy to go through the motions of acting sympathetic or compassionate. To truly take action and do something about it, is what separates people. You’re making a difference by taking action and GENUINELY showing compassion for others.

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