Let’s Just Be Better Humans..Okay? Good Then.


It’s been a week since surgery. I am so in love with this little clear cuppy thing over my eye. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fragile. So vulnerable. Post-It Notes are all over the house. Do. Not. Touch. Your. Eye.  Tomorrow is my eye doctor day. I’m rather excited too. My doctor just left on vacation so I get to have Dr. Montenegro….uh huh. Tall, handsome, Spanish Dr. Montenegro. So that should be fun!

I also get to be unsupervised today. We’ll see how that goes. Tommy left me lunch. Red Beans and Rice. I should really say thank you to him more often. I seem to thank the people that don’t actually put up with me a lot more than I thank the ones that are here doing the dirty work of making sure I don’t wander into the street or lift anything.

Thank goodness this man loves me more than I deserve! He’s my Person. Does everyone have one of those? Someone who has known you forever and  will drop everything to get to you when needed? I hope so. We all need someone like that. So today I’m being Thankful for Tommy the person who makes sure I eat. That makes sure I have everything I need to be comfy and happy.  I am thankful that Jennifer calls to check up on me even though she is going through her own trials right now. Thank you to my Momma, who listens to me bitch and moan like I’m the only person in the world that has had a health issue.

Today I would also like to say Happy Birthday to 2 amazing women. feb15   Happy, Happy Birthday to Nikki over at flyingthroughwater  and also to Cynthia over at makingpeacewiththewrongsideof40    I hope you both have wonderful days!  Here’s a tiny cake!

xx Patricia

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