Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness, Only Love Can Drive Out Hate.


Good Morning lovely people of the Blog World! Just a quick note as they are painting my new desk today and I have to get everything off of it.

I was so proud of myself yesterday going to the eye doctor. Vision was great, sutures healing well, I can even get rid of the antibiotic drops. Then I asked the question ‘When will I be able to get a script for glasses?’ Being a life long contact lens wearer I have no idea where my glasses are. I was not prepared for the answer. ‘In about 2 years when we remove the last sutures’. 

And that was the opening Anxiety was waiting for. I don’t remember leaving there. I thought we were through. I thought I finally had my life back. All day anxiety and her evil little cousin, depression had me by the throat. I honestly sat in the bathtub for hours just thinking of all the horrible possibilities. Then I was put in the car and taken to the place that solves all my problems. The place where they sell paint, and material, and ribbons and paint brushes and card stock. Thank you Tommy. And Momma.

Turns out I  have to wear this cup thingy for a long time and keep water and germs far away from my eye. I have to slow down and be mindful of every action I take. Or I lose the eye. So I am very grateful for my doctors, my friends, and all of you!  There may be a lot of things I can’t do for a long time, but there are also a lot of things I can do still. Just slower.

Have a great weekend!  And thanks to Harney and Sons for the Chocolate Tea!!!

xx Patricia


22 thoughts on “Only Light Can Drive Out Darkness, Only Love Can Drive Out Hate.

  1. Kate Crimmins says:

    Be strong. I have two friends who have had corneal transplants. They are different but they did well. It’s like an organ transplant and some things will be different but you will you! Can you see well enough without glasses? Hugs.

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