The Tea Fairy Has Arrived and Oh MY!



Yesterday the lovely postman ( yes, we are back on speaking terms ) knocked on the door and it was this! Yes! Honestly I let it sit there until tea time. As I had company coming over I thought maybe he would like to try out Harney & Sons Paris  tea.

So let’s see what we got!

The Paris Collection was the one I was interested in. I am maybe, slightly obsessed with French anything! On the back of the lovely pale blue tin it says A Delicious Blend reminiscent of the city lights,Paris. Ingredients: Blend of black teas with natural vanilla, fruit and citrus flavor.  A fruity black tea with a hint of lemony bergamot.

I really like that Mike Harney rates his teas! This one is rated a 1 on Briskness, a 2 on Body and a 4 on Aroma.  Okay, now Mike, I am about to disagree with you! OH that aroma!

Tea Time

On opening the tin of lovely sachets, the aroma was indescribably lovely! When my guest arrived the first thing he said was “Oh my God, what is that smell? Did you get some new scents for your Wallflowers?” No, but is this not the most wonderful aroma? We honestly just sat and waited for it to steep, staring at the pot. This smell is fruity, with vanilla hints and black tea that has not one bitter quality. This was the smoothest cup of tea I have ever had. If anyone had peeked in the windows, they would have thought we were on something, but we were simply enjoying a most wonderful treat!

As he left my guest said, ” You know if that was a plug in fragrance, I would buy that!”

So would I recommend it? Yes! HIghly and already have! Tomorrow we’ll check out the Magnolia Oolong!

If you would like to give them a try go Here   They always have great specials and deals.

xx Patricia

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