Nothing a Spot of Tea Won’t Fix!


WE managed to recover most of our photos and documents yesterday. But it did put me in a less than happy mood. And since I refused to use my tablet because I’m petty, I had plenty of time to worry about my eye. Don’t get the wrong idea. My eye is now just as blue and perfect as the right one, vision is quite a different thing but we’ll get there.

My eye surgeon has decided I can not or as he says don’t need to come back in for 3 weeks and this has thrown me for a loop. I’ve been trying very hard to practice being in the moment. At all times I have to remember to not look down, not get wet, don’t rub or touch my face. Sleeping has been awful. Tossing and turning and making sure I don’t accidently roll on my left side. The time change has not helped that one bit!

Anxiety and I are in a real struggle  right now. I know I can do this. I may have to rearrange the situation to make me comfortable, but I know I’ll beat this.  Nothing so bad a good cuppa won’t solve!

xx  Patricia

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