Spring Break Craft Day!We Have Herbs!

Not caring that our entire network went down like the Hindenburg the other day, Spring Break just popped right up. As Corbin would say, How Rude!  And yes it was. While trying to keep numerous projects in the air, we had already planned to do this craft today, so Charli Ava and I had the boys go outside and spray paint all 10 of the coffee cans I have been collecting for this day.

We had grabbed a small bag of soil and found our labels and Sharpies and got ready to divide and plant our kitchen herbs. We needed 2 sets and I must say they were actually as easy as Pinterest claimed!

We used just one can of the Copper Metallic paint and still have some left. The new computers and laptop got here so I am getting all of those on line and then I’m going to sleep for 2 days.

I hope all of you in the North East are warm and safe!

xx Patricia




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