MACARONS by Berenger Abraham

Macarons are all the current rage, and this beautiful collection of tried-and-tested recipes allows even first-time macaron makers to try their hand at these luscious delicacies.

This stunning collection of recipes adds a touch of magic to the macaron. From the subtle flavors of the perfect raspberry or lemon macaron to more adventurous combinations of violet and white chocolate or rhubarb and red currant, this book includes 28 recipes for these dainty and delicious treats.

With a set of foolproof step-by-step instructions, accompanied by gorgeous, inspiring photography, this wonderful collection will ensure that even the novice chef can master the perfect macaron for any occasion.

This is a tiny book but it’s packed with the easiest and tastiest macarons! She uses the French method, which I prefer and there are no buttercream fillings, which is good for me.

I’ve always heard these were terribly difficult to get right, but not this time. Perfection!

Now that ground almond flour is so much easier to purchase at your regular market, this is even more fun! The flavor combinations look drool worthy. Salted Caramel please!! I am ashamed to say that I ate all 6. Sorry, not sorry kind of thing.

Grab your cup, today we are drinking Lemon Verbena, and take a look at some great pictures!

Enjoy your Sunday. I am going to try and sneak outside and enjoy this hot weather!

Love and Tea! Β xx Patricia

14 thoughts on “MACARONS by Berenger Abraham

  1. walkercynthia says:

    I can’t wait til we finish our little house and I have a real kitchen so I can cook and bake again. I just got some old family recipes from my mom while I was visiting, but I’m going to be looking for new ones too. You always post the yummiest looking ones😍

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