Good Morning Starshine!🌞


It has been a rough week! A multiple cups of tea week. First I wanted to say to all of my lovely friends in the UK that I am so sorry for the horrible act of terror in London. We are with you in our hearts.

This has been a rough week for some family members and friends and I wish time would stop for just a minute so I can process everything. But time doesn’t do that does it?

On the plus side I scored some really good homemade herbal tea. Lemon and Ginger goodness! Have a cup and say a little prayer for the world!☕☕📖

17 thoughts on “Good Morning Starshine!🌞

  1. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    My mother called up alarmed because the husband goes to the city to work and she was all panicky as she bit out, “Why did you not tell me?” These incidents have become such a horrible reality of life that I wonder when and how they will come to a halt.

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  2. anne leueen says:

    lemon and ginger yes! My horse has been ill this week so I have spent my days at the barn, vets coming and going, tests being done. It is a virus and several have been ruled out and we are waiting on a final test to see if it the one that his symptoms match. So hard to see my beautiful horse ill. so lemon and ginger tea for me for sure.

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  3. whiskywolfcub says:

    Aw, as a Londoner it is very sweet to read these things. Whilst I don’t work near Westminster I still found it remarkable how calm everyone was, although so genuinely sad for families involved. Hope your family is okay. x

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