What Makes You Happy?


What makes you happy? Are you happy all of the time? Or do you ping pong back and forth? Everything in these pictures makes me smile. Makes me happy. Order makes me happy. When everything is in its place, I’m happy. When all of my relationships are sailing forward just right, I’m happy.

I am big on order and schedules and lists. Organization makes me happy. Reading what projects all of you crafters are coming up with  makes me happy. Hearing how Cynthia’s doing creating an entire house makes me happy. Seeing what goodies Bern is baking up and reading posts that I can relate to on anxiety, life, fashion,and of course food.

I am not allowed outside if it is windy. This is Oklahoma people…really? So you all keep me company, inspire me, let me know I’m not the only one going through shit!

So Thank You All and for everyone in the UK, Happy Mother’s Day!!

xx Patricia yellow3

39 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy?

  1. Dippy-Dotty Girl says:

    Husband. Vintage objects. Farmhouse-style decor. Making lists. Travelling. Green fields, sheep, horses and dogs. Tea. Coffee. Pastry. Chocolate. Tearooms and old-world cafes. Stories. Everything makes me happy. When I sway from happiness to sadness, I wallow in it for a bit, pick up the self and scold myself for indulging in self-pity, have some chocolate and go running 🙂 Hope the wind calms down and you can step out tomorrow itself. Let the fresh air perk you up. How are your eyes healing?

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  2. susiesopinions says:

    Today was my saddest Mother’s day, (English living in America). I had an accident in the vehicle, and it was my fault. Under so much stress with my husband driving, when the doctor stopped him 16 months ago, and going off in a huff driving on his own. Telling me that I had better get used to it, and then under scrutiny when I drive. So today I came out of where we live, and caught a car. Not a lot of damage but she insisted on getting the police, even though I had given her my details, and showed her my house. An hour wait in the hot sun, before they arrived, and by now my anxiety was sky high, and I was heading for a panic attack. I got through it, Thank the Lord. Sorry, but I had to let it out.

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  3. marieryan says:

    Hi Patricia.
    lovely post…I love seeing your creative stuff. So delicate and beautiful. Thanks for that… I’m sort of happy when things are messy. We’re all different, right?
    But how curious when you say : “I am not allowed outside if it is windy.”
    Why, what’s wrong? Will you blow away? LOL
    Regards. Marie.

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  4. Jennie says:

    Great post, Patricia! Oklahoma…I just wrote about that song on my blog today. While Massachusetts still has snow (which does not make me happy), teaching children makes me very happy. When I read-aloud, picture books or chapter books, it is the best thing I do for children. That makes me happy. Oh, and writing about all those great things on my blog. Yup, that’s my happy.

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  5. sowhatnow768 says:

    I actually do not know what makes me happy… I have just realised that I focus upon my family’s happiness and never really evaluate from my perspective, so thank you, you’ve got me thinking outside of my comfort zone

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  6. averagelife24 says:

    I love this. Organisation, lists and schedules are all little things that people don’t realise make them happy! It’s great to see something different other than shoes, a holiday etc. that make people happy haha. It’s great 🙂

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