But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan! by Kristy Turner


There are a lot of Vegan cook books out there. Besides Thug Kitchen and The Happy Herbivore which I use on a regular basis. I found this book last week and was pleasantly surprised at the variety and the ease of the recipes.

There is something for the pickiest of eaters here. One of my things is Soy. I don’t do well with soy, and was glad to see so many recipes that don’t use Tofu or pretend meat. The dishes are filling, they are pretty, and they are good for you.

I stopped trying to convert everyone to a plant based diet a while back. Personally I only eat plants. No meat, dairy, sugar or flour. I do eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, greens and lots of Tea! It started as a way to control the painful flare ups of my Crohn’s Disease and now I can’t imagine eating any other way. I simply adapt recipes to my own needs. At first I thought I would have to give up baking, but there is an alternative to pretty much any ingredient and when I want to be creative, I bake and give it away. Especially Cupcakes.

If you are eating to live rather than living to eat, take a look at this one! And if you are into the Vegan Bowl thingy I’ve got you covered on that tomorrow!

xx Patricia   Be Kind To Yourself and Your Tummy!

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