As Blue As Blue Can Be…


Good Morning! Well storm season has officially arrived. Last night the worst stayed south of us but we lost power and woke up to a 4.4 earthquake. Seriously Oklahoma, we need to talk about pacing! You can’t throw all the action into one day and night. Spread some of that love over Kentucky’s way.

I overdid things yesterday. And now I’m back to wearing the gauze and the eye cup. What did I do? I cried. I bawled like a baby getting a shot! Sobbed. I knew I shouldn’t do it. I tried hard not to but I needed a good cry. You know? Sometimes you just need one. Or am I alone in that?

A good strong cup of Pu-erh set everything right eventually. Some people from the Weather Channel died in Texas yesterday evening. Those deaths we take very hard here.

Have a great day while I go close my eyes and follow orders. (hahahahah)

xx Patricia yellow7

23 thoughts on “As Blue As Blue Can Be…

  1. walkercynthia says:

    Sorry you aggravated your eye, and I’m glad you’re ok thus far this storm season.

    (And yes, we have had entirely too many storm chaser deaths these last few years. The seasoned pros are getting taken from us as extreme weather patterns are getting ever more extreme. Not good at all)

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