The Tea Fairy Finally Arrives…


I was noticing this morning that the Tea Fairy stopped by sometime yesterday and left me some English Breakfast tea. Thank goodness! I made french press coffee yesterday and while I do like a cup occasionally, it is a bit much for my tummy. So once again there is peace in the kingdom.

Since the wind wasn’t too awful late afternoon I went out. This is the time of year when all the seedlings are out and I want one of everything. I only needed some mint but I smelled every herb and just noticed what a miracle this little mint plant was. Someone placed a tiny seed in some good soil and although it took some time that little seed struggled through the dark soil and emerged as something entirely different than the tiny seed. Just like we do. We all struggle. Not with the same things, but still we struggle in the dark places and hopefully soon we burst through into the glorious sunshine smiling. Stronger and completely different than we were when we were plunged into the dark.

Slow down today and look for the small miracles all around us. And for goodness sake, have a cup of Tea!

Tea Time

xx Patricia


20 thoughts on “The Tea Fairy Finally Arrives…

  1. anne leueen says:

    I am away from home for the winter and brought my favourite teas with us .Sadly I have run out of the afternoon teas and have only the English breakfast left. It is a good one though and in two weeks we will be home again and I can get back to the Russian Caravan, Black Yunnan and Earl Grey for the afternoon.

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  2. walkercynthia says:

    I finally achieved a major milestone today: my credit card balance is paid down except for the $32 I charged today. It was easier to get my student loans out of default than to pay down that stupid credit card. I found a miracle today. Your post makes me want to go outside tomorrow and notice all nature’s miracles 😍

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