Being Lazy on a Beautiful Sunday!


Good Sunday Morning to you all! It is Sunday, right? The sun is shining bright this morning which is a treat.

It started storming here on Friday evening and didn’t stop until the middle of last night. The winds were strong enough to bring about 40,000 of us an entire day of no power because of downed poles, live power lines on the road.

Ceilings were falling in and shop vacs were in high demand. The only good part was I got a lot of reading done. My only angst came from knowing that the Dinner Fairy would be unable to make me a priority with the Country Club flooding and a bunch of guys sitting in the bar waiting to tee off. A very weak way of staying plastered all day as everyone knew this rain wasn’t stopping. So imagine my surprise when there was a knock on the door and *poof* there was my Caesar Salad!

Today is a major clean up day as signs, trees and trampolines are nowhere near where they used to be. But that is not my problem so I am posted up in my cozy bed getting ready to start a new thriller and drink a big fat mug of Chai Tea from Tazo.

Tomorrow starts my birthday week. An entire week celebrating the fact that my Momma went through excruciatingly painful childbirth (She was knocked TF out!) and gave birth to her first daughter. And I got to be the baby for a whole year before she spit out the next daughter. 

xx Have a good Sunday!

You,Me And A Cup of Tea…Let’s Chat!


All day yesterday I thought it was Friday, so today seems rather anticlimactic. Good news is the sugar shock wore off. Thank goodness for herbs! This morning I woke up with my tummy saying WTF! I gave it some Zen Tea and it shut up for now.


This morning I’m sipping my tea and thinking about Choices. Most of us are capable of making our own choices and understanding and living with the consequences of those choices. By the length of time it takes me to decide on dinner every night I am obviously one of those people who just can’t decide. Now that could be because I really don’t care that much about food. I eat a plant-based diet so if you just bring me a plant I’m good.

But some choices involve more than you and your stomach and those are the hardest. I have chosen to downsize my life and stop collecting things and people who I’m sure I can save. If there is an old junky piece of anything on the roadside, I want it. Got some needy relatives? I’ll fix them just send them over. It’s my worst habit and I have chosen to stop it.

What bad habits have you chosen to get rid of? Have you been successful at it?

orange7    xx Patricia


Sugar Hangover…It’s a Real Thing!


It is that time of day! Todays tea is Taylors of Harrogate Organic Chamomile. It is a lovely tea and just what the doctor ordered! Very late last night someone decided to make funnel cakes with powdered sugar. My sofa looked like Al Pacino’s desk in Scarface this morning and I spent a miserable night and morning being sick from eating things I’m not allowed to eat.

Just one little funnel cake and my entire body is in some type of shock. This is worse than a hang over! To ensure there will be no more late night shenanigans, I tossed out every bit of the mix, along with the sugar. Next time, there won’t be a next time!

I hope you have a better day. I will be posted up in my cozy bed drinking tea and reading Julie Mulhern’s latest Watching The Detectives!

xx Patricia yellow3

Can Mother Nature Please Make Up Her Mind?😞


Mother Nature is as indecisive as me it seems. Yesterday I’m laying out in the sun in 80 something temps and this morning it is 50 degrees and cold and wet from last night’s rain and hail.

I am ready for one or the other. Just make up your mind!

So today I am reading a new Fern Michael’s book in the Godmother Series and it is really good!

As a treat todays tea is Yogi Mayan Cocoa Spice. Each tea bag has a little saying on it and today mine says Sing from your heart!


What are you all drinking?

xx P

No Charm Intended A Cora Crafts Mystery by Mollie Cox Bryan

Cora is at it again!

Pirate Patty Reviews

No Charm Intended

Cora and her best friend Jane are back with another weekend craft retreat. This time the theme is wild crafting and after the last retreat they could use a smooth week end filled with food, crafting, and friendship.

Settling into her new life and career in small-town Indigo Gap, North Carolina, Cora Chevalier is preparing to host a wildcrafting retreat at her Victorian home, Kildare House. But on day one, Cora wakes up to a disturbing text. I kidnapped her.  Is this some weird wrong number or is something going on.

Gracie, a seemingly lovely girl who is a student,nanny and part time sitter for London, Jane’s daughter, is missing.

When the police arrive Cora finds out she isn’t the only one who received weird texts and when Gracie’s boyfriend, Paul, and their good friend Henry show up at Kildare House scared and worried, rambling on about some game they all…

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Fairy House Cooking by Liza Gardner Walsh

Product Details

The fairies (and kids) are invading the kitchen. Following up on the popular Fairy House and Fairy Garden handbooks, Liza Gardner Walsh presents a new dimension in fairy-themed activities—Cooking! 

In this delightful book, there are lots of delicious recipes, such as pretty fairy muffins, tiny confetti cookies, candied violets, and many more. There are also recipes for tiny snacks meant for fairies, and fun recipes for treats to leave out for the animal friends of fairies.
Complementing the recipes will be fun sidebars of fairy lore and guides for hosting fairy-themed teas and birthday parties.
Simple steps and easy-to-follow recipes help kids and parents make yummy food for parties, friends, or just for fun!

Fairy House and Fairy Garden are two of my favorite books. In a house full of fairy lovers, we never miss an opportunity to use our imagination and play like the fairies!

In the newest book, with help, the kids can try their hands at Toadstool Cupcakes, Toadstool Meringues and Marzipan Mushrooms,Pixie Dust Popcorn or Pretzel Fairy Wands and much more.

The photos in the book are a hit. Not staged, just kids having fun and making a mess while pretending they are fairies and having a bit of a party.

The books are aimed at stretching the imagination in the out-of-doors and now we have some tasty and quite easy treats to take with us on our adventures!

I am in favor of all things imaginary and I thought this was one of the most charming books I’ve seen on the topic.

Expected Release Date is May of 2017.

xx Patricia

Talking Darjeeling Tea Today Darling


Darjeeling, from the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of India’s most famous tea-growing regions and now is the time for First Flush!

Darjeeling itself is a rather small region between India’s borders with Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.  Tea leaves have been thriving her since the 1800’s.

In Darjeeling tea is still harvested by hand, with two leaves and a bud as standard.  It’s nickname as “the world’s greatest tea” is accurate!

First Flush Darjeeling is a pale gold with a hint of green and floral and grassy notes. Second Flush is a little coppery and mellow and fruity in taste

Autumnal Flush is an auburn with smoky spicy hints.


My favorites in the Darjeeling Teas are Taylors of Harrogate and Harney & Sons. One loose leaf and one sachet for travels.

Try some now while Harney & Sons are having a great sale!

xx Patricia    1491953595091

Happy Earth Day🌏


Good Morning! We made it through the wind and rain alive. It rained and blew from 3 a.m. yesterday to sometime last night. Our neighbor’s carport is now 3 doors down ( no not that 3 doors down).

Power has been restored and now clean up begins before the next round of storms. Anxiety was high yesterday!

Hopefully it will stay dry today!❤

Happy Earth Day IMG_20170422_080324_185

Time For a Spot of Tea…and Treats


It is a rainy day today. And a very busy one. First I want to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa John! You are the best ever!!

Yesterday we baked. A lot of biscuits, scones and a pork something in the crockpot with barbecue sauce and salt encrusted baked potatoes. I’m going to just sit back and rest on that for a bit. Basically I got a lot of stuff done on my ‘weekend’ days. Laundry, and I mean everything. Washed, dryed and folded/ironed.   So it was clean sheet night, which is my favorite night!

I even went to the library, the market and the bank. Errands done, laundry done, baking done. I finished two books and have 12 reviews in my queue so I’m feeling pretty good.

Finally I sat down and enjoyed a nice cup of Paris tea from Harney and Son, which is a delight for all of your senses. And I had 3 tiny raisin scones. And I didn’t get into any fights with anyone over sports.

Have yourself a good Thursday and always be Grateful. I am grateful I have clean sheets!

20170408_203238_1491701585837-01        xxPatricia

Let’s Sing in the Sunshine!


Who doesn’t love the beach? The sun, the sand, the ocean breezes bringing the smell of salt, suntan lotion and sunshine. My idea of paradise. While I have had to stay closer to home this year, my friends are staying true and are either in St. Thomas or Mexico at the moment. Oh and one at Jacksonville Beach!

Last summer I was blind. This summer is way better. And yes I’m calling it summer since our temps are in the 80’s and tornado season is in full swing!

Living in Oklahoma during storm season is an interesting thing. These weather guys are on the air 24/7 at the first drop of rain or wall cloud lowering. All your shows are pre-empted. It is horrible. At least in Mississippi the weather guys just tell you ‘Hey there may be a hurricane coming’ and we all wait to see if Jim Cantore ends up in our town, that is when you know the weather is real. Where is Jim Cantore? He was in OKC when we had a really bad string of twisters. The ones where a couple of the Weather Channel’s guys were killed and I don’t think he is coming back. Ever.

So for today we are living for the sunshine and getting some color on those white legs!

Today’s tea is chilled Passion from Tazo. It is so good iced!

xx Patricia